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Leopold Hiersche, Dipl. Ing.
I developed Recoverfab after studying at the School of Engineering in Berlin and 36 years employment as a technician and production manager in the semiconductor industry. I have worked with important companies in the field: Halbleiterwerk Ffo, Telefunken, Hitachi and Advanced Micro Devices. My work with these companies also led me to Japan, Kofu (Hitachi) and USA Austin,TX (Advanced Micro Devices). Since 2006, I have been working independently, during which time I have developed a procedure for digitizing slide/negatives with a DSLR camera. While working on this project, I encountered the problem of data loss from a memory card for the first time. Because I am well-versed in the production of memory chips, it suddenly became clear to me, that these reliable-looking memory cards also occasionally fail. I wondered wether there were already companies that read raw data from memory chips with the intention of data rescue. My search revealed, only approximately 100 companies world-wide. The other tens of thousands are only able to rescue the data, if no assembly parts are defective and the memory device is still recognized by the computer system. I therefore created Recoverfab to address this need in a world in which an increasing number of people are relying on digital media and encountering this very frustrating problem.

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Hi, I went on a vacation with my husband and off course we took a lot of pictures (first time for him to visit Europe). When I came back home I discovered a problem with my SD card. I could see my pictures on the camera but every time I came to one picture the camera froze. And I got the message there was a card error. I tried to put the pictures on my computer using an USB cable, the pictures where there but I could not view them or put them on my computer! I then tried it with a card reader which was the same story; again could see my pictures are there but not able to view them, put them on the computer, CD or USB stick. I looked on the internet and found out that my SD card could be damaged. I took a good look at the card, you could see a big scratch at the contact points. I tried several recovering programs and nothing worked. I thought I lost all my pictures! Really, I did not know what to do. I went on the internet again and searched until I found a company in Germany. It is called Recoverfab. They are able to recover SD cards even if the contacts parts are broken. I send it to them and I am very happy that I can say that they recovered all my pictures and videos! I noticed when I was searching for solutions for my broken SD card, that there are many people having similar problems. Therefore I would like to recommend Recoverfab. They gave me back all my pictures and the service was very good. I asked them several questions and I always got very fast answers. They are very professional and fast. If I could rate them I would give them 5 stars for there amazing services. If anyone has similar problems they should really consider sending it to Recoverfab. Greetings, Michele (a very satisfied customer!)
I had a 1gb memory card which became corrupted and could not access any pictures on the card. We were devastated as the photos were of our new born baby. I took the card to a camera shop, and later a computer shop, who both tried to access files but could not retrieve anything. I kept hold of the card in the hope that one day I would be able to find someone who was able to retrieve the photos (often told this would probably not be possible). Then after searching the internet I came across a company in Germany with a website where apparently they remove the memory chip from the circuit board and read the data with a special NAND flash reader and then compile into readable data. Every forum/review I read about recoverfab was positive so I decided to send my card off to Germany; we had nothing to lose. Within 4 days of sending the card I received an email saying they had received it and then the following day an email to say that my pictures were retrieved. We were so pleased as we thought we would never see the precious photos of our daughter again. We would recommend anyone in a similar situation not to hesitate to send their card to recoverfab.
Just wanted to share the joy really. When on holiday to Madrid, my 8GB PNY SDHC card reported an ERROR message on my Canon IXUS 220 HS. My camera was at first able to recognise about 200 thumbnails but was unable to display them. Later on the camera could not read anything on the SD card and could not store any more images onto it. After coming home the SD card was also not readable on any of my computers (Sony Vaio and Macbook Air). They just couldn't see it! Anyway, after a lot of internet searching and freeware downloads of "recovery software" I read that the problem was not the memory itself, but a problem with another part of the SD card, the "controller". If the controller is damaged in any way then it's like a locked door preventing you from getting to the NAND memory that stores the images. I found this a company called Recoverfab. The website is here: and is the site of a technical pro based in Germany that has the skills and equipment to take the card apart and recover the images. It is pricey, but completely worth it if the images have particular sentimental meaning to you. For my 8GB card it cost me around €200. Yes, that was more than the Canon IXUS 220 HS when I bought it, but I don't really care. I have since bought a Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC card and I will never remove it from the camera just it case of any funny business with regards to dropping it or electrical charges. Oh yeah, I wanted to buy the new Samsung SDHC cards that have added "protection" with the epoxy covering the NAND memory. I already asked him about that and he says it best to avoid it just in case he can't get to the NAND. So yes, if you have a corrupted memory card that you want recovered, then post it to this guy, and he will sort it out for you in less than a week! It took him about a day after receiving my card to recover all of the photos I wanted. Happy recovery! Dave
I had a similar problem after returning home from vacation. After reading through a lot of these forums, I was in despair that my photos were gone for good. Then I stumbled across a German service called Recoverfab. In cases where the memory card won't mount and recovery software won't work, the talented Mr Hiersche is able to recover the lost data in most cases. As soon as the card arrived in Germany, I received a confirmation e-mail. Less than 24 hours later I could already preview my rescued photos online. Highly recommended!!
I had the same thing happen! It is so frustrating. My card would just show as "unreadable" in both my camera and my computer. Without it being able to be read, any online software recovery is fruitless. I found a company called Recoverfab through an online search at to whom I sent the card and they quickly were able to recover my lost photos. They simply upload them to a ftp site so after you pay, you can download them to your computer. I'd highly recommend using them!! Good luck!
Hi Raygsok, I've had a similar problem in 2010. I went to Mexico and had many pictures of the different trips I took over a period of 6 months. On one of my last trips, in December, I was just about to enter a system of cave and tunnels when my battery gave up as I was browsing my pictures/videos. I immediately change the battery for a spare one and powered up my camera but to my astonishment I had an error message: card error - card locked. I initially thought I might have hit the locking mechanism on the card or something but it wasn't the case and I was unable to fix the card on the spot. Eventually I kept the card, didn't format it or use it in any other way. When I came back home a month later I had a photo store try to recuperate my pictures and videos on the card but they were unsuccessful. Eventually I read a lot about card problems and tried different things but with no success. I even downloaded over 15-20 programs that say they will recover your pictures but it didn't do the trick. I really thought my photos were lost and that I never would get them back. Fast forward 3 years later, January 2013: I recently stumbled upon my card, well packed and preserved and thought I'd do some more research in order to find a solution. I downloaded new programs but just as before they didn't work. I eventually realized it was really a physical problem and looked for different options. I saw different recovery company but prices were usually pretty expensive. I actually ended up on and read about the whole process, more physical and saw the video of the procedure on youtube. I was a bit sceptic at first knowing that those processes are quite expensive and are not guaranteed to work but eventually I started looking at the reviews on different websites about the positive experiences people had with the company and decided to seek more information. I emailed the website and received information the next day. I finally decided to give it a try; I really didn't have much to lose at this point. I created a order form and filled the require information. I was given all the information on how to send my card, where to, and most important: there were no charges until there was a positive recovery, and only after seeing preview pictures of your files would you need to pay for the service. I never thought it would be so affordable to get all my pictures back from such a service. It only took them a few days after receiving my card to get a positive reply. Feel free to look into Recoverfab, I sincerely hope you are able to recover your pictures as I understand memories have no prices and thanks to that company, I was able to access them once again 3 years later. Hope it helps, Good luck.
SD HC Memory Card damaged. Unreadable in USB adapter. I sent the card to 2 Recovery Services with no success. I Found on the internet - located in Germany. I was initially reluctant to send the card overseas (I live in California, USA), but I had lost hope. I sent it United States Post and recovered everything on my card, quickly and reasonably priced. Highly recommend Recoverfab.
I had the same problem. My SD Card was completely dead. I tried multiple computers and other devices but nothing would recognize my SD Card. Recovery software only works if the card can be found and in your case and mine, the card isn't being recognized. Fortunately, I found a company in Germany called Recoverfab that can usually restore any type of memory card as long as the card hasn't been completely mutilated. I was a little hesitant about shipping my card to Germany from the US as the mailing cost alone was about $50, but I know we had about 1,000 photos including Christmas and my daughter's choir performance so I was willing to try just about anything. The process was very simple. I filled out an online submission on their website and mailed them the verification email they sent with the card. The package took about 5 days via USPS mail and the people at Recoverfab let me know as soon as they received it. Two days later they sent me an email stating they had recovered over 1,000 photos and two videos. After payment via PayPal, I was able to download all my photos. After the exchange rate it cost me a few hundred dollars to rescue all these photos, but my wife and I are just thrilled to have been able to recover them. Hope this helps!
Your best bet is to use a card reader and attach it to a PC. You can then use recovery software such as Recuva to retrieve the files from it. If however you can't even see it as a drive when attached to a computer, then recovery software won't work. In that case, there are companies such as Recoverfab that may still be able to retrieve the files by disassembling the card and directly reading the memory chips. This recently happened during my sister's honeymoon when she got the camera wet, which fried the camera and the SD card. With nothing else to lose, we mailed them the SD card and within a week they recovered all the pictures and had them ready for download. As you can imagine, she was extremely happy to get the pictures back from her honeymoon!
Hi, I had to chime in with my recent memory card disaster and recovery story. I shot a wedding, filled up a handful of cards and when I was copying them over later that night had one card that wouldn't read. It just kept asking me if I wanted to format it. I tried recovery software, but since the card couldn't be read by either the computer or the camera there wasn't anything it could do. I did research and eventually contacted the manufacturer Delkin about the problem. They had me send in the card so they could recover the images, but weren't able to do it. I called a place that was highly recommended in NYC and they wanted to charge me over $900 and would have it done in "a couple weeks". I kept searching online and finally found The issue with the card is that the connectors have been physically damaged, preventing them from accessing the chip. Recoverfab is able to bypass the connectors and access the chip directly. They had it done promptly after receiving my card and sent a preview of the recovered images prior to payment. A great service, and I'm glad to know it's there when necessary!
Ok, so I never write reviews for anything, but with the results we've experienced with this company, it is a must! A friend of ours took pictures for us at our wedding. He was using a Canon DSLR camera with a 32GB PNY CF card. We were horrified to learn that the card had failed. When inserting it into the card reader, the computer would only see 33.5MB of data and none were pictures. We even tried a different card reader as well as the reader built-in to my laptop. We tried accessing it via the camera and got an error message. We then tried some software recovery programs - TestDisk/PhotoRec, Zero Assumption Recovery, and Recuva, but we were unable to recover anything. We took it to some local camera shops but they were unable to recover anything, noting they tried 4 different types of software. We then took it to Geek Squad where they took it through various levels of data recovery. The card was shipped to their cleanroom facility in Louisville, KY. They noted going through several steps from software recovery efforts to finally opening the card up. I'm not sure what they did exactly when opening the card, but I think they tried to load new firmware to make the card readable again. Alas, that didn't work. When we got it back, for kicks, I tried opening it on different Operating Systems - Knoppix Live CD, Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows 7; we encountered the same 33.5MB issue. We were losing hope quick but continued to search for options. I came across a Germany based data recovery website - I admit, I was skeptical at first. Site being in Germany, wasn't sure if I could trust the reviews, the website didn't look like it had been updated in a while, etc. One thing that got my attention was the video posted here…, describing the data recovery process. It made sense to me and knew it was something Geek Squad didn't try. I figured we had nothing to lose and we had done our due diligence in trying to recover the pictures. One of the pros of the website is that you don't have to pay anything unless recovery is a success. Basically, the risk you run is the cost of shipping to the facility and the card itself, which we believed to have already been a loss cause. I assessed the risk to be low, and sent it off, fingers crossed. Leopold, the professional data recovery guru, was helpful every step of the way. The questions I had before I sent it off and during the process was answered promptly. He gave us a date when we should have results, which was a week after receipt of the card. Unfortunately, our case was a little complex and required a little more time. After one more week, we got the great news! He was able to recover 207 photos from the card, there was an error with 1 of the 4 chips on the card which prevented a full recovery, but we were thrilled nonetheless. Upon logging in to the site we were able to view the thumbnails of all 207 photos. Upon request, he was also nice enough to send us 1 picture at full resolution so that we could view it, and what a beautiful picture it was! Leopold even offered a 15% discount granted we write a review about our experience and share it. I no longer have doubts about this company and will definitely recommend to my friends and family. Hopefully we won't have to do anymore data recovery, but in the event we do, we will go back to Leopold at Recoverfab. Mahalo!
Hey, I had a very important 64gb SDXC that ended up going through a wash cycle and wasn't found until a week later in the lint compartment. It worked when I plugged it in and kept working for another 2 days but then a few days later I tried plugging it in to many computers and they all say it had to be formatted. I really needed the pictures and videos that were on it. I was afraid I had lost all my data so I looked for a memory card recovery company. After seeing the reviews I dcided to try Recoverfab and they were able to fix my problem quicker and for a lot cheaper than any of the other recovery companies out there.
I had a very similar problem after putting my card into an HP printer C8180. The card had just read fine in the camera. After taking the card out of the printer I tried it again in the camera, and two other laptops. All of them reported the disk unreadable. I tried a number of different software based recovery options. All of which could not see the card. It was similar to a problem I had with a hard drive recently. Turned out the PCB in the hard drive was bad so it wasn't even getting power. This is what happened to my SD card. The PCB (controller board) was damaged by my printer. After all software failed, I began looking for a company that recovered data from SD cards. The one that I found was I opened a new case and was almost immediately emailed back that they were sure they could help and gave me an estimate of the cost which was based on the size of the SD card. They also offered a 25% discount to endorse them after I was satisfied with there results. The company was in Germany so I was a little afraid of my data getting lost, so I put tracking on the package so I could see where it was at all times on the website. It sat in German customs for almost a week and a half. I informed Leopold Hiersche that the package should be there soon. One very nice thing about RecoverFab is that you are speaking to the owner and his email replies are within a few minutes. After RecoverFab received the package on 6/7/2013, the same day they sent me an email saying my ordered would be completed my 6/9/2013. I was surprised that it would be recovered so soon. It was just later on that afternoon on 6/7/2013 that I received an email saying: Order 5399 is completed, rescued data: 1057 photos, 12 videos, in the service-area you can inspect image samples from 100 photos. I was extremely satisfied with their results and I was able to view the 100 photos online very easily at their website. I would definitely recommend RecoverFab to recover SD card data especially if you have ones with a damaged PCB. Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions about there service. If it hadn't been for shipping and German customs I could have probably recovered my data the same day! Sincerely, Walter Hayden.
I can only concur with the comment above. 170 christening photos, including 3 generations lost due to a damaged CF card. Learned colleagues and in particular all internet forums pointed to one direction, Recoverfab! I sent the damaged card off, received confirmation of receipt and within 24 hours, all thumbnails produced for me to purchase. Really happy that these photos have all been recovered when I had assumed that they were all lost forever. Can recommend without reservation.
Hi Guys! Just wanted to share one my friends experiences with data recovery. Back in 2010, my friend (J) was travelling around Europe for his honeymoon. He spent 26 days taking shots around the whole place, getting more than 1000+ photos. But... SD Card DIEDED. I tried to help J recover his stuff, first by myself, but wasn't able to find a solution. I looked through a couple recovery specialists here in Malaysia and Singapore as well, all of them took the card for a couple of days, but wasn't able to help! The SG specialist even took it apart (damn kao sure some more)... no use. They even sent it back to us without putting it back together. Fast forward a couple of years, we found a specialist from Germany (, from some online reviews. I sent in his broken down, dismantled, messed up SD Card. Within one day of receiving the package.... he replied to us with all data recovered! It cost quite a bit (about RM1k, 216Euros), but he managed to get everything back, along with videos. Lesson learned: Always have backups when outstation for long time! If any of you have corrupted data that you want to recover, do check out recoverfab. I can't recommend them less. It's a sketchy looking site... but everything went well.
Just wanted to share with you all a fantastic service that I found out about. Recently my SD Card was damaged by a power surge in my friends P.C. As a result the card couldn’t even be read. Now for those of you who have accidentally deleted Photos before there are various free software packages out there which can be used. Some can also be purchased for approximately €80.00. But what if you don’t want to take any chances with your precious photos or videos or even worse what if your PC or Camera can’t even read / see the card – well all is not lost – do not throw that card away. I recently used a company in Germany called Recoverfab. They had very positive reviews online so I decided to give them a try. My Card was completely unreadable. I posted it last Wednesday 03rd July to Recoverfab and by this morning they had recovered 513 photos and 46 videos. Both my kids were recently in their annual musical and we also had the summer holidays on the card and Christmas 2012. So if you have a Camera Card or Memory card then check out these guys.
My husband and I spent a long-awaited two-week vacation in England, taking our trusty Canon PowerShot with us to record our trip. Our CF card had hundreds of photos that can never be replaced. We viewed the photos many times with no problem. But, one day when trying to share a pic with friends, we put the CF card into the reader, and could only view the first few pictures. We put the card in the camera, and couldn't view any pictures at all. We found data recovery software on the internet, and were able to recover over 100 photos, but were devastated over the lost remaining photos. We went to a local photo shop, and were told the lost data could not be recovered. I'm glad they didn't tell Recoverfab the data couldn't be recovered. We went back to the internet, and found many positive reviews for Recoverfab in Germany. I sent an e-mail explaining our dilemma, and promptly got a response saying they thought a recovery was possible. Two days after receiving my corrupt CF card, the photos have been recovered! This company has great customer service and did an outstanding job.
I have a broken memory stick Sony 4Gb capacity that needs to be recovered as the pictures were very memorable and it was taken during my birthday celebration out of town trip. Tried looking for photography centers, misro sd and memory stick manufacturers but to no avail. Until i found Recoverfab and Mr. Leopold Heirsche, who is probably the only expert globally. I took the risk of sending the broken mem stick to Germany and was hopeful until I received email from Leopold that he was able to recover the pictures. This would entirely suprised my whole family after being disappointed that it was broken. Mr. Leopold made us all happy and no one ever considered that it can still be recovered. Again our gratitude to Recoverfab and the man behind it, Mr. Leopold Heirsche, Truly a remarkable save that we will not forget! Pierre Delos Reyes, Manila
I had a similar problem, my CF card was not being recognised by either my camera or computer, so I was unable to run any recovery software on the card, so obviously it was a hardware issue. After much searching I discovered Recoverfab and sent my card to them, and they managed to retrieve all 900 photos I had lost - excellent service and highly recommended.
I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who have posted recommending Recoverfab. I just want to confirm, as someone who has just used them, what a great service they provide. I came home from a family holiday last week to find at my memory card was corrupt. It had worked in my camera right up to the day I got home but something went wrong when I tried to upload my photos to my PC. There was no obvious physical damage to the card but my PC, printer, camera and memory card reader were all unable to recognise it. I tried the free data recovery software that you can find online but they only work if your card is recognised by the PC. I spent 3 tearful hours searching the Internet for a solution and came across reviews of Recoverfab in Gerrmany. I arrived home from holiday on Saturday, posted my memory card to Recoverfab on Monday morning and by Thursday night I'd had an email from them to say they'd been able to recover 300 photos and 15 videos. It's not a cheap service but the prices, which depend on the size of the memory card, are clearly set out on their website and they only charge if they can recover something. It's a great service and I highly recommend it.
I had a similar problem with a sd card, which had very important work pictures. While backing up the pictures in the computer, I think, I ejected the card from the computer before it was safe to do it, unfortunately, After that, I couldn´t access the card, in fact the card was not recognized by the computer, I try to read the card at different devices, but the problem was the same. Starting to look for self-solving solutions to rescue my pictures, I found several software, but none of then were succesful at even reading the card. At this point I was hopeless. Reading at some forums, several people mentioned the company Recoverfab ( I contact Leopold by email and ask if he would be able to fix the problem. He reply fast and suggest that I should send him the card, so he can check at it and figure out if he could rescue the pictures. I did so, and in two week the card got to him in Germany. he sent me a message to let me know the card arrival, also he estimated that the expected time to recover the pictures was like a week. To my surprise, after two days he sent me a another e-mail lettting me know that he was able to recover the pictures, I believe all of them. Apparently, self-solving software works if the sd card is recognizable by the computer, but in my case the card was completed dead. I highly recommend the service provided by Leopold. He is very keen at keeping you updated about the status of your order, and clearly he is able to rescue pictures even when there is not hope at all.
I had an SD chip that SNAPPED when I inserted it into my computer. The circuit board cracked! The day after the wedding! I had photos of my daughter's wedding I wanted and found I hoped to find someone in the States to help me -- I wasn't comfortable sending my media overseas. Recoverfab was the only service I could find that might help. The result: my photos and videos are restorable!! It's been three years since the wedding. We're enjoying some candids that had never been viewed before. I am very, very pleased with Leopold and I invite individuals to contact me if they are uncomfortable sending their media overseas as I was. Lane O'Connor Illinois
Hi, I want to share my experience with you. A week ago, my Samsung S3 suddenly said "sd card was damaged" , then I couldn't open my 16 gb micro sd card. Unluckily, I had not backed up all my photos taken in these 2 years. Then I tried to put the sd card in card reader, but it also couldn't detect the sd sard. And I contacted some shops which can recover the data in sd card or harddisk. But both of them said that my card did not have software problem but it was physically damaged. They even said that there's no way of recovering my card. After, I read every suggestions on the internet. And I found a German company called Recoverfab in Google search. This company can extract the microchip from the sd card and directly access the raw data with a chip reader. Then I emailed Recoverfab telling them my story, and the founder-Leopold Hiersche emailed me and told me the details. Finally, I posted my sd card away to Germany. Yesterday, he emailed me that he have received my sd card. Then today, I got another email - he recovered over 6000 files from my sd card. I am really happy and excited, he did send me a link to let me preview some of them, there is total 100 photos and that's all from my sd card, he did it!! It is really amazing, as I did try many methods before which all failed, but he did it for me!! Although I need to pay some money for it, but what I want to say is, it's definitely worth, all files including photos or videos are unique and invaluable, which witness my happiness in between different period of time with my wife. So what I want to say is, if your sd card is damaged and you really can't fix it back, find Recoverfab, I believe they can help you to get back all your precious and memorable memories!!
OMG out of the blue my SD card just stopped working....I had NOT backed up my 4800+ pictures onto my computer. I am a photographer and have been stressing out for 7 days now. What am I going to do if I can't recover those peoples wedding pictures and those peoples senior pictures...??? Well I could just kiss Leopold of recoverfab. He rescued all my pictures and has saved my life and career! I 110% recommend using his services. Go now!!! Brooke
I had a similar problem with a SD card and I lost literally everything - and the card was full of precious family videos. I sent my card to 3 places here in Singapore and was unsuccessful. I managed to find a company in Germany who said they specialize in this kind of issue so I gave it a try and they were able to save my videos. The company is called Recoverfab and you can have a look at their website. I sent my damaged card to them and they recovered my videos and photos in 2 days. They were very professional and very fast - and gave excellent service too. Good luck recovering your data - I learned the hard way to back up constantly!
After taking about a zillion photos on a recent vacation to Pompeii, I got a "corrupt SD card" message and immediately took the Memory Card to my local photo shop to see if he could recover my photos. Sadly, he could not. That's when I went on an Internet search and kept seeing the name "recoverfab" in Dresden, Germany. I emailed then and immediately got a reply telling me their success rate, costs, etc., with directions on how to send them my SD card. Within a week they'd not only received my parcel but had recovered 360 of my photos!!! They posted 100 of them online so I could check that they were the correct ones! Needless to say, I'm over the moon at having my photos back and cannot give this company enough praise! They are efficient and extremely fair.
I had the same problem with a 16GB CF card using my Canon 7D at a wedding. Just as the Bride was turning down the Isle the card stop working and read error...error.... When I took it out and put it in other card readers it would not get recognized at all. I sent it to a recover company here in Michigan and they said it had nothing on it. I know it had almost 300 images on it. I am a professional photographer and I am always looking at what I have shot to check the lighting and manual setting. There were images there. I got it back and found a company through other forums on the internet that can take the chip out of the card and recover the images even if others say there is nothing there. It is call recoverfab out of Germany. I was a bit afraid to send a card to Germany but what did I have to loose. It was already damaged. I sent it about 10 days ago and got an email today that they recovered 267 images of the close to 3 hundred I had on it. They look great. I have checked them out on the website preview. I will downlowd them today. The cost was very resonable. This was wedding footage I needed to recover for my client. Now remember the recovery company I used here (I know the owner of this company he is a friend) could not recover them. Recoverfab saved my images. They were great.
I went on a two and a half month holiday to Europe halfway through last year. Before I left I made sure I took a USB with me so that I could back up photos throughout the trip. Anyway time got away from me and I didn't end up backing them up. It was about 6 weeks in and I was in Nice, France swimming in the gorgeous clear water with my waterproof camera to take a few snaps of my gorgeous surroundings when my camera stopped working. It was a bit inconvenient, but at least the photos would be safe... Or so I thought at the time. Later that afternoon I took out the SD card and tried it in a friends camera. To my shock and disappointment the card could not be read. I tried it again in another friends SD card reader attached to her iPad, but it would not show up. When I arrived back, I started researching how retrieve the precious photos from my trip. I tried cleaning the card myself, still no luck. I researched a number of Australian companies to see if they could help. Most could only deal with corrupted SD cards not physically damaged ones and if they did they were extremely costly (hundreds and hundreds of dollars) and that might have only been for the diagnosis, it would have cost more for them to actually retrieve the photos. I name recoverfab kept popping up on the many online forums I scrolled through, so I decided to look at their website. I found countless story very similar to my own. Even better they would attempt to recover the photos for free. Only after they could successfully recover them would they ask for payment in exchange for the photos. I had nothing to lose and I decided that if anyone was going to recover my pictures it was going to be them and sent off my card hoping for the best. A few weeks later I received an email from them saying that they had successfully recovered my photos. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who is in the same or a similar situation. Recoverfab have definitely done an incredible service for me!
Two weeks ago, I found out that my SD Card (Transcend wifi 16 Gb) was damaged during file transfer. It says, ‘The disk needs to be formatted’. And when I inserted it back to the camera, it says ‘Card not initialized’. My wife and I were devastated as we just came back from a holiday, and all precious pictures are still there! We took the card to a local service. After running some tests, he told us that because the memory chip was broken, he couldn’t fix it (if it is the input output chip, he will be able to extract it using some software) After hours of frustration, I did a research and stumbled upon Recoverfab from a review in some forum. I was pretty impressed from reading many good reviews saying that Recoverfab manage to rescue their valuable files. I asked some questions beforehand (my emails were replied within few hours! Wow) to make sure that there is a good chance our data could be recovered. Then we shipped the card over. Within only one day after they receive the package, I got an email saying our files have been successfully recovered *happy tears* I cannot express how grateful and relieved I am to hear the news. I would say that stumbling upon Recoverfab is one of the best coincidence ever. A total life saver! Oh just some advice to people experiencing similar problem with us, do not try to rescue the data yourself unless you are completely sure what you are doing. Try asking the experts for their suggestions before you do anything. I find it important to make sure with them, that in case their method does not work, you are still able to get the device in its initial condition and try something else. And please, don’t give up just yet by formatting or throwing away your memory device out of frustration.
Hey guys, I hope this is the right part of the forum to post this, but I thought this might be useful. I lost all the data on my SDHC card a few weeks ago (it got left out in the sun and actually warped quite badly). I came to this forum, among others, hoping to find a way to recover the European Vacation photos I had on there but hadn't backed up yet (yes, I know, I know... backups are where it should be!). I eventually came to the conclusion after stuffing it, misshapen, into my card reader slot along with 4-5 different pieces of software that I wasn't going to be able to recover my data. I searched online a bunch for services that might be able to help recover the data for me but pretty much all of them were geared towards commercial data recovery and a single private user's SD card was not high on their priority list (not to mention expensive- $1000 and up pretty much just to look at it). I got an address of a website based in Germany from a friend at school who said she'd used them before, so I went to check it out. Essentially I mailed the SD card to Germany, after about a week I get an e-mail to confirm they have the card and that yes, they can recover the data, they gave me a link to their website where I could preview a bunch of my photos for verification. Once I approved it and paid the fee, I got another e-mail a few days later saying the data was ready, and they just gave me an FTP link to download it all from. The whole service was 165 euros for an 8gb card (about $230USD). It was quick, and WAAAAAAY cheaper than anything else I found, so I wanted to share it with you guys... I can't be the only one out there who this has happened to The website is I am recommending them to whoever will listen at this point(!) but hope that some of you guys find this useful.
Hi Folks, I know that there has already been other threads talking about Recoverfab in these (an many other) forums when it comes to SD Card recovery. But I really want to share with you my experience with Leopold Hiersche (founder of Recoverfab) as he helped me out with my issue. Back in October, my wife and I went on a trip to Iceland - and unbeknownst to me, I had been using a counterfeit "32GB card" (this one) that was gifted to me by my cousin. And as luck would have it, on the third day of our four day trip, the card no longer worked in my camera. Initially, I had hope that I would be able to recover the photos/videos from this card using one of the many software based options out there. But if you have ever had to go through this route, you will find out that a software option only works when there is not a hardware failure on the SD card, which would make reading the card impossible from any device (like a computer, SD card reader, camera, etc.). I scoured the internet for data recovery experts and finally settled on Recoverfab seeing many glowing recommendations - one of the primary reasons I ultimately chose Leopold was that when I called him, he explained to me in detail what he would attempt to do (many other recovery experts out there just gave very generic instructions) - he even has a Youtube video out there explaining the procedure. For myself, with a bit of technical background, I appreciated the insights that Leopold gave on that very first interaction. So I mailed the card to Germany (where he is based) from Canada. Within about a week of receiving my card, Leopold came back to me and explained that, as suspected, the controller on the SD card had died (possibly due to electrostatic shock) and that he was able to access directly the memory/NAND chip to get the raw data (oh and he found out that the true capacity of the card was only really 8GB). However, because there is a "decoding pattern" (an XOR pattern for those really interested) that is specific to the controller the data itself could not be unscrambled (since this counterfeit card is not exactly common place - the pattern was not readily known). Of course, I was heartbroken as I was sure Leopold would be the only person who could help me with this. But he offered to keep my data on file and would let me know if he could solve this problem in the future. I thought to myself, this was surely just a nice gesture on his part and that my photos/videos would never be recovered. Fast forward to February of this year (2014) - I was surprised to find an email from Leopold indicating that he was able to recover my photos! So all this time, he had not forgotten about me and who knows how long he spent to work on my problem. I was just floored - but super ecstatic! And I just had to share this testimonial with everyone that if they ever run into any issues with SD card recovery - you should really look no further than Recoverfab/Leopold. He is not only an expert in his field, but takes his practice seriously and is persistent to solve the problem in any way that he can. I can't thank him enough - on top of that, the rate that he offered me for the recovery is probably amongst the most fair in all similar practices out there.
I also had a problem with an old memory card that corrupted when it was in a new camera - I didn't think to format the memory card before putting it in my new camera or even to buy a new memory card. The camera started asking me to format the memory card but I had taken nearly 500 photos on it and this was on the last day of my holiday! The memory card was not recognised on any PC either. I tried using various online data recovery websites which didn't work and I also sent the memory card to a data recovery company and it was sent back to me as they could not recover the photos. I then discovered Recoverfab through a Google web search. I read a couple of positive reviews for the company and had a look on their website. I took the chance and after filling out a booking form I sent my memory card to Recoverfab who are based in Germany. My photos have finally been recovered! I have an online Recoverfab account where the process is really clear and the communication from the company has been excellent. I 100% recommend Recoverfab for anyone that has a memory card full of photos that they cannot retrieve!
I had a broken Micro SD card that had gotten wet and one of the metal strips on the back came off. It contained all of our vacation photos. I tried everything but could not even get any computer or camera to acknowledge the card. Finally I found a service called out of Germany. They actually take your card a part and recover the memory inside. I sent them the card (postage was about $2.50 in first class mail) They only charge you if the data can be recovered so I figured it was worth a try. Just got an email with all my photos recovered. They also allow you to review the photos before you pay. Then they send a link for a download and the data is yours. Amazing!!! Not cheap but worth it when you figure what the memories are worth. If you have tried everything else, I would seriously consider these guys. They are the real deal.
My SD card stopped working while I was taking family photos at Christmas - just as I had taken a few of my grandmother with all of her great-children together. The same card had video of my son's winter concert which I hadn't backed up yet (it was a new card in a almost new Nikon Coolpix camera). I panicked. I tried every free version of software I could find - Recuva, Undelete, Photorec, CardRecovery - most programs couldn't even recognize that there was a card there to read. One recovered 5 corrupted photos. I sent the card to in Germany in a last ditch effort to recover the disk. At first even recoverfab thought they couldn't do it - my card read as if it had been reformatted, which it hadn't - but they didn't give up. 182 photos and 5 videos recovered :) Everything I knew that I had lost and a few more precious memories I had forgotten were there! It isn't free, but to me it was more than worth the cost to get those photos back at last.
I was on vacation in 2012 and near the end of my trip, received an SD memory card error while taking pictures. I could no longer take pictures or view the pictures I had taken during the trip. When I got home, I tried everything but could not recover the pictures from the memory card. I couldn't get any computer to recognize the card whether connecting the camera or the card itself. After searching the Internet, I finally found in Germany. It was my only chance of recovering nearly 1500 pictures so I sent the memory card to Recoverfab. I had long given up on getting these pictures back when I received an offer in my email from Recoverfab the other day. I logged into my account and they managed to recover all of my pictures!!! If you ever have this problem and have tried everything to recover your pictures, I highly recommend Recoverfab!!
My husband and I took a two week trip to China this past year. On day fourteen of our vacation I received an error message on my camera indicating that the data was not accessible and to format disk. Of course reforming the disk was not an option as I knew I has at least 1,500 plus photos on the SD card. As you can imagine I was just sick about this. When I returned home to Upstate New York, I immediately contact my local photo shop where I had purchased my camera and done business with in the past. The owner indicated that there was a software program that could recover the data, this was not guaranteed but hopeful. Unfortunately, the software recovery attempt made by the shop was a failure. My SD card was then given to another local shop to transfer the images manually from the source card to a donor card, this attempt was also unsuccessful. My card was then sent out of state to a shop that would then spend the next four months searching for the correct donor card on eBay. Six donor cards later, I was contacted by my local photo shop owner who told me that I needed to pick-up the card and pay $80.00 for the unsuccessful attempts made in the recovery of my digital memories from my once in a life time trip to China. I picked the card up feeling hopeless but as I was walking out the door the shop owner said, “I heard there was a company in Germany that might be able to assist you”. He did not know the name of the company or how to contact them but as soon as I got home I began my search on the internet. It did not take long to find Recoverfab in Deutschland. I was not certain that Recoverfab was the company I had been directed to but the reviews were very positive and encouraging so I took a chance and mailed off my SD card and the six donor cards the next day. Two weeks after shipping out the package I began to worry that I had not heard any news – I emailed Leopold and he replied immediately that he had not yet received my SD card. At four weeks I became sick again that I had not received confirmation of delivery and assumed the UPS lost my package. I called Leopold directly – he kindly told me “not to worry and that often package take six weeks to arrive”. Well Leopold was right – forty days after shipping from the USA I received a personal email indicating that my package had arrived. I was once again hopeful but now nervous and filled with emotion. Waiting impatiently for the news on recovery, I was delighted when Leopold contacted me in less than 48 hours with the best news ever. Recoverfab had rescued 2,238 photos from the same card that had previously has six unsuccessful attempts made in recovery. It was a very long journey in recovery but Recoverfab saved the day and returned to me what I consider irreplaceable memories of a very special trip with my husband. Recommended highly!! Outstanding service!!
I had a similar problem with an SD card. It was working fine in my video camera and then one day the camera said that the card needed to be formatted and would not take any video. I put the card in multiple computers but the card was not recognized by any of them. In an attempt to recover the lost data, I tried several versions of free data recovery software. None of this worked either. After more internet searching, I found a company Recoverfab that suggested the hardware on my card might have failed, but that the data still existed. I sent my card to them and they were able to extract all of my videos from the card quickly. Matt S.

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