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1. What costs are incurred if the data recovery is unsuccessful?

No costs are incurred during an unsuccessful data recovery!

2. Is there a discount if not all of the data can be recovered?

If necessary, I will arrange a discount that is fair to both parties.

3. Is there a discount if I only want (for example) 1 file recovered?

No; the cost of the rescue procedure is not substantially reduced in such a case. Given a particular storage medium capacity, the work involved in the rescue procedure is the same whether I recover 1 or 1000 files.

4. How long does it take?

Usually 4 business days.

5. How I can make the payment?

By bank transfer or with PayPal. Payment details will be included with the invoice once the data recovery is complete.

6. Where should I send my defective storage medium?

Please fill in the order form, then you will receive an email with shipping instructions and the shipping address.

7. Are the data on the memory chip changed or deleted after the rescue operation?

For the retrieval of the raw data, the storage medium is opened and the memory chips are removed from the printed circuit board. The data in the memory chips, however, are not changed by this procedure, leaving the possibility of repeating the rescue operation.

8. Will I be charged for mailing expenses?

The dispatch with Downloadlink is 15 €, there is a charge of 28 € for shipment on a SD card. If you would like the demounted storage medium to be returned to you then there are costs of 10 € for the return postage.

9. Is the data return shipment possible on an own data carrier?

This increases the logistical effort and is not allowed, so please attach no own data carrier for the return shipment.

10. Can data from a physically damaged (broken in pieces, cracked, hairline crack, bent) microSD card to be saved?

This is not possible! The microSD card is almost entirely composed of a silicon crystal, with a physical damage, the crystal is broken and cannot be repaired. Data from microSD cards with contacts damaged by water or scratches on the back can be saved.

11. Should the package be sent as registered mail?

No, that is not necessary. The only thing registered mail provides is a proof of receipt. I will, of course, accept delivery, and I will immediately confirm the package’s arrival via email. Registered mail is no safer than a standard mailing. I have received thousands of orders since 2007 from worldwide customers, and nobody has ever reported a loss.

12. Can you recommend a particular manufacturer?

Unfortunately, I can recommend no one. There are worldwide only about 10 manufacturers for the significant elements and they all work according to the same standards.

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I had a problem with a 4GB PNY SD memory card for my camera. I came back from holidays having taken hundreds of photos only to find that it no longer read the card. I tried several other cameras, card readers, laptops, desktops etc, but they didn’t register or recognise the card either. I called into some IT and camera shops in Dublin but after paying €25 each time to see if they could fix it, I had no option but to try elsewhere and had to send it away to a specialist data recovery company, where they would preform some physical 'surgery' on the card. I contacted several places in Ireland and the UK, but their quotes were so expensive: at least €300, and in one case €600! Other places wanted to charge a minimum €45 investigation fee, but wouldn’t provide any rough cost estimates as to how much it would cost afterwards, thus leaving me totally open to being exploited, and being charged whatever they liked. I spent days trying to find a place and almost gave up, but eventually came across a company called Recoverfab in Germany. They’re prices are listed on their website, so everything was totally transparent and correct. I sent the memory card on Friday evening, and at 7am Monday morning I got an email to say it had arrived. 2 days later they confirmed that they had retrieved all the data and provided a sample 50 photos for inspection. They were thoroughly professional and efficient in their approach and service, and would definitely recommend them! Hope this helps!
I was recently in a similar situation and had a physically damaged memory card. I am a professional photographer and had just completed a paid shoot when out of nowhere, some of the electronic pins on the top of the card quit functioning. After having about 20 panic attacks, I calmed myself down and started looking into my options. I initially tried a camera chain store's data recovery, but they were unable to save all but 10 out of 300 photos. A colleague recommended a service called Recoverfab, where they actually unsolder the memory card to access the chip inside and pull the data off. I looked into it and shipped my memory card off with my fingers crossed. Lo and behold, within a day of receiving the card, they saved EVERY SINGLE photo (in both .jpg and .nef formats). Not only did they save my photos, but they totally saved my reputation, too. I highly, highly recommend them if you want to get your images back. (I do not work for Recoverfab. I am simply a very satisfied customer.)
happend to me too! i dont think software will work if the controller on your card is corrupt. I found this out the hard way - i had just returned from vacation and found my card to be inaccessable. Once you cant read the card no software is going to work. So i looked around for card recovery and found one company - they are in germany which made me somewhat unsure about it. but i sent them the card priority mail and 4 days later i had a preview of my lost pics on their website. Company is RecoverFab, i would use them again.
Hey, I've had a similar experience and it's been resolved successfuly making me very relieved so just thought I'd recommend the guys that helped out. My memory card stopped working after I removed it from the computer without first clicking on remove hardware. maybe it was a surge or something, the result was my camera and computer wouldn't read it no matter how hard I tried. I got a new reader, tried different computers and even downloaded some free software but still couldn't get any sign of life from it. There were loads of photos on there from a friend's birthday so I was really stressing. After searching online I found Recoverfab, within three days of posting they had found the photos and recovered all of them.
MY SD data was recovered! Recoverfab is one of the best companies I have EVER dealt with, online or otherwise. I just looked at my recovered pictures today, actually. I'm so excited. At least look at this site. A tiny piece of the case (the corner) of an 8GB SD card broke off inside of my camera. The lock was not damaged and still operational. There were no other damages to the case that I was aware of. Desktops, laptops, other cameras, universal card readers were all useless. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of, but nothing would even recongnize that there indeed was a card inserted into the device. Other SD cards inserted into the devices worked just fine.I initially even downloaded some data recovery programs, but because my SD card couldn't be detected, I couldn't tell the programs what to recover from where. When I realized that there was no hope for me to fix it, I was quite upset. My husband and I had saved up and went on our first vacation abroad together for our 20th anniversary. ALL of my pictures from that time were on this SD card.They weren't 'just pictures' to me. Every site I went on and every person I spoke with basically said the same thing; all was lost and could not be recovered. OR I could try soldering, or buying another SD card to put my chip into...I knew I couldn't realistically be successful at these. Thankfully I wasn't ready to throw out my memories just yet, and I found a company based in Germany called Recoverfab who, based on their website ( sounded like there may be hope for my pics. I emailed them and explained my situation and I was shocked and so happy to receive a reply so quickly! (I had emailed two other companies for information and I didn't even receive a response).Recoverfab already had so much information on their website about the process of recovering and after seeing first-hand how professional they are, I knew I wanted to send my SD card to them. As soon as they received my card, I was notified by email, AND ALSO given a date as to when to expect my card to have been looked at. In my case, it was two days. True to their estimation, I received another email from Recoverfab saying that they had recovered my pictures, and they put them on a secure site for my inspection PRIOR to purchase. I can't describe how happy and relieved I am! Everyone should go to this company when having problems. There IS hope for dire situations with memory storage devices! Don't throw things away that you think are beyond repair until you at least email Recoverfab for their opinion. It's free to ask! Source(s): Recent personal experience. I researched and used their services. Would definitely use and recommend this company over and over! What a relief!
One of my SD card with 200 holiday snaps went defective. Camera was showing card error. I tried all kinds of software solutions to recover the images, but none were able to read the card. I had given up hope and was ready to throw away the card as I suspected hardware failure. After a bit of googling I came across Recoverfab and decided to send the SD card to Recoverfab and let them have a go at recovering the images. After only a few days I received an email from Recoverfab; they had recovered all of the 200 images. Recoverfab provided an excellent and very professional fast service at a very reasonable price. Communication with Recoverfab was top. Highly recommend it.
I had the same problem.. After coming back from vacation I wanted to transfer all my data from the SD card to the computer but when I inserted the card NOTHING happened. I tried inserting the card back to the camera and got and CARD ERROR message. The SD card was DEAD. I tried couple different data recovery programs with no success, I was about to give up when I came across I contacted Leopold from Recoverfab and told him about my dead SD card problem. He told me that its a common problem and that he can recover the data. I sent the card to Recoverfab and after 3 weeks I got and email saying that they recovered the lost photos along with a preview of them.... If your not able to recover data using recovery software try It worked for me!!!
I noticed your posts while searching for a cure to SD card failure. Have just been on vacation in Nicaragua and managed to drown my camera in salt water! Realised my camera dead but hoped to recover photos from SD Card. A friend attempted to recover them using software but only managed to see some corrupted data. In the end i sent the card to an outfit in Germany called Recoverfab. They managed to recover my photos. Not free but it works. Carl M
I had a similar issue with a memory card that my wife and I used during our trip to Africa. During one of our safari drives, the card stopped working and was no longer recognized by the camera or computer. As such, there wasn't really any way to use the widely available recover software. Stupidly, we hadn't backed-up our photos from the first three days of our trip so we thought our photos were lost. Luckily, I found a guy in Germany who uses a special technique to recover the files ( You can watch a youtube video on the technique, if interested. I highly recommend the service as it was fast and effective.
i also bent an SD card inserting it into a card reader. same thing i'd done a hundred times but this time it broke. when i put it into a reader after that it wouldn't show up. i took it to a local specialist who tried all the recovery software fixes, but no luck. if you're in this situation, the one fix i know about - which works great - is a german company that will take apart the card and put the memory chip into another card, and then they can get the data. it takes a week or two, and it works.
If you have ever had an error with a memory card do not despair. I recently returned from my 2-week holiday in Florida. A couple of days before the end of my holiday, after taking over 1000+ photos my camera displayed the message "Card cannot be used Memory card may be damaged" I couldn't view anything. I tried it in my brother's camera immediately...nothing. Panis set in - precious photos and videos (for example my brother and his friend doing their first skydive) were on this memory card. On returning home I took it to one of my best friends who works at a photographers. She put it through 3 recovery programmes, but nothing was found. Suffering from jet-lag in the early hours one morning I searched the internet for a solution and found based in Germany. I thought that as I have nothing to lose I decided to send my memory card via recorded delivery to Leopold at Recoverfab. Once my card was received I had an email confirming they had it and that it was expected to be processed the following day. At 8am the next morning, I received the email confirmation and I checked their website and there were my photos. I was so thrilled. Other people I know have had similiar problems and even though it comes at a price, memories are irreplacable and I will definitely be recommending recoverfab to friends and family. Mrs E De Carteret
I had an SD card that was in a Nikon Coolpix Aw100 waterproof camera, however the battery compartment was not closed correctly and water got inside, damaging my SD card and rendering it unrecognizable by Computer devices or other cameras, after days of searching the web and trying out many different data retrieval software I realized it was futile until I came upon a post by chance in another forum, This site: I must admit that I was very, very, very skeptical but I had nothing to lose, so i went on their website and inquired about their services, I was required to signup on the site after which they sent me an email with other information. I mailed the SD card to their location and when they received it they responded in 2 days time and also sent me a pdf link to view some of my retrieved pics. I am only required to pay them if they have retrieved the pics that I wanted and only after they have actually retrieved them and I am staisfied. When you are happy with what has been recovered, you then pay via paypal etc and either they mail you a cd or you receive it via ftp. This is not an ad as a previous blogger stated, its actually for real. Besides I am a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) and my lying about this is inconsistent with my beliefs. However it is up to you. They can and will retrieve any data on any type of card. I am totally satisfied.
This is a 'better late than never' reply to your problem. Three years ago I had an SD memory card crash while transferring the photos from camera to laptop. The camera said 'card error', and even a card reader didn't recognize the card. The card contained over 500 travel photos from India. I tried everything from a professional photographer, to cleaning the card with alcohol and using sticky tape to make the card fit better into the slot, as well as several online 'card recovery programmes'... to no avail. It's only now - 3 years later - that I heard about '' based in Germany. I sent them my card and only one day after receipt of my SD card, all the photos (and a few videos) were recovered. After payment, the photos will be available for online download in all privacy. They open the card and read the info with a special NAND flash reader. So to anyone who is desperate to recover digital photographs thought to be lost forever and dear to them, this is the solution!
I too have encountered problems trying to read-off data from a damaged SD card (holiday video's) and after much agro and searching came across a company called Recoverfab, located in Germany. Their site provides clear and concise info about the service they offer, enough to give me confidence to go ahead. Within minutes of completing the Enquiry form, I received an e-mail response and, after posting my damaged SD card to them, was amazed to receive their e-mail within a couple of days notifying me of receipt. The following day I received another e-mail notifying me that my data could be viewed and the total cost of service. Although it's not exactly cheap, compared to the price of an SD card, for those who place great value on their 'lost' data or their works of art (photo's/videos), it's unquestionably an invaluable service. From now on I shall make sure I FIRST copy the cards content to my PC, before plugging it into the TV for a quick viewing!
We recently had a problem with an SD card which suddenly stopped working with a message to say that there were ‘no partitions available’ and prompting to reformat the card (we obviously didn’t do this!). We tried all of the freeware options mentioned in previous posts but all we could was recover was one massive data file which could not manipulated or opened. After our lack of success we suspected that the SD card was physically damaged so followed the recommendation of others and sent it to Recoverfab from Australia. Well I am pleased to say that Recoverfab were able to recover 1,971 photos from our recent European and Northern Lights trip and I couldn’t be happier! The service was quick, reliable and the cost was worth it given the irreplaceable nature of the photos. I would definitely recommend the service to others.
Hi all, Just wanted to write my experience in hopes that someone who ends up in the same position can find this thread and learn what I did. So I've been shooting wedding for over 10 years. I've been building computers for over 15. Never had a hard drive or a removable drive fail on me. July 13: I'm shooting a typical wedding. Day goes as planned. Nothing out of the ordinary. After the ceremony, I swap out memory cards. Oops, I drop one of the cards onto the road out side the venue. The fall is nothing out of the ordinary, but I definitely grimace as it hits the ground and rolls in the sand on the side of the road. Because of the schedule, I just throw the next empty card in, and tuck the one that has fallen away to be backed up later. Camera: Canon 5DII Card: Sandisk 16GB Extreme CF (Used for 2 years no issues. purchased legit from B&H) Get home, and while backing up the cards 1 of my cards is oddly not readable by my Hyperdrive. I throw it back in the camera and it says unreadable, please re-format. I try it in my new card reader attached to the computer, USB3 doesn't even get picked up. I try with my older USB2 card reader, not picked up either. I try in multiple laptops; no go. How can I possibly even try to recover the files if none of my hardware even recognizes there is a card there? I have many many many software programs that do a great job at recovering lost, deleted and even re-formatted cards. The only device that even recognized the card was the Camera Body. OK..big breath, here we go. Plan is to put the card back in the camera and re-format, then recover with the software. When I goto re-format the card, it errors out. WTF!!!!???? NOW WHAT?!!? Apparently, CF cards are much more fragile than I thought. After doing alot of research on the web, I suspect the controller on the card failed. Every USB, or removable device has a controller on the chip that will tell the computer (through USB) that there is a drive or memory card available. I have a feeling my controller fried, or broke somehow during the drop to the floor. I can only hope that the memory chips themselves are intact. Software can easily read and recover the info on the chips IF the controller is intact. I get quotes and info from all the major companies in North America. Most are pushing their software. All recognize there is the possibility of hardware failure if card aren't readable or recognized. After alot of frenzied searching and reading up at 2AM after a 10 hours wedding I decide to contact Leopold at recoverfab in Germany. Alot of good feedback about pricing and success. He walks me through the process; what else to I have to lose... Process is like this: You fill an application form. Send the card in for inspection. He does the voodoo he does (which is quite plainly and simply removing the memory chips from the CF bard itself and placing into a standard NAND reader to recover the files). He posts some of the photos for you to check to make sure you have the right time frame and group of photos. THEN YOU PAY. Then you get the rest of the photos as a FTP download, or on disk mailed back to you. I filled out app on Saturday night. Sent out the card regular mail post on Sunday. (just over $2CAD) It arrives Saturday morning in Germany. Leopold messages me Sunday morning....all the photos are there. 520 RAW photos on a 16GB disk. I'd pay money as a wedding photographer to get the photos back, I'd pay MUCH MUCH more if they were personal photos of a lost family member or a once in a lifetime trip. recoverfab worked professionally and quickly. I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. Lesson learned: 1) CF and all memory cards are much more fragile then you think. But I've heard of stories of people running over them, or putting them through the wash as well... 2) SH!$ does happen. Despite all my backup gear, back up process, second shooter, blah gotta be prepared for anything 3) Most data lost on cards can be recovered through software (through reading of the sectors on the memory chips on a card/harddrive) 4) If a card becomes unrecognizable and absolutely need you photos/data back. it is most likely a hardware issue on the card itself. There is a solution out there!!!
Leopold at is absolutely, undeniably, out-of-this-world AMAAAAAAZING, and I need to SHOUT it from the rooftops!!!!!!!! On June 1st we had a major CATASTROPHE, at least in the photographer world. I left my CF card case on the hood of my car while packing up from our second shoot of the day and drove off. I noticed something fly off as we were driving, and immediately my heart sank, and I knew exactly what it was. We stopped... on the highway and found cards bent in half, shattered, some so bad we couldn't even tell if we had a whole card, or which pieces went together. A police officer actually pulled over and made us stop looking. Once home, I immediately jumped on the computer to see if anyone had something like this recovered and almost all that I turned up was broken pins, or unreadable cards and recover was upwards of $800. Then I found some great reviews on, one was about a recovered card that had been chewed and I had renewed hope, not a lot, but a little. I was nervous to send my babies off to Germany, but they were doing nothing sitting here broken, so I had to take a leap of faith. Plus one of our 2 jobs that day was a party, so there was no re-doing that and it put my gut in my throat to think about having to tell the client that we only had pictures of 1/2 the party. I contacted recoverfab and Leopold said it's worth a shot, send 'em in. He was very prompt in responding to my emails and said that if recovered they would send me a quote, and previews of the recovered images and I could decide if I wanted them or not, so I didn't have to pay if they weren't the images I needed (there were 5 cards in the holder... but only one that I needed). They said it could take 3 weeks for them to recieve. I sent them priority mail which said 6-10days. Needless to say by week 5 I was thinking they were lost, or I had been taken. Then, Lo and behold, I received an email from them that they had received my cards... and 2 days later, HOLY SHIT, they had actually recovered 2 of the cards, and one of them was THE ONE that I needed!!!!! I am so OVER-THE-MOON there aren't even words to describe how impressed and thankful I am! It cost about $460 to recover the 16gb card that I needed. You may think that's a lot but when I see companies charging $800 for what I could do with a free online recovery program, and the fact that I could literally find no one else that offered this service I quite honestly think it might be the deal of the century ;) If you ever have an issue like this where you think there is no hope, don't give up just yet, and give recoverfab a shot, you could quite possibly be VERY pleasantly surprised! I was!
I was doing a photo shoot of a dog when after about 200 photos, my Canon 40D gave me an error that my CF card was corrupted. The best photos I have ever taken were on that card! Tried contacting Promaster, the MFG of the card, they gave me a response that had NOTHING to do with what happened. My camera shop could not help either. They sent me to a place that was going to charge $1000 to retrieve 200 photos! Started searching the Internet and found Recoverfab. I emailed them my issue and once they said they thought they could help, I mailed them my damaged card. Within a week, I have my photos. Thank You Recoverfab!
The first week of August I had a family vacation and the usual story happens. You spend all week snapping photos, but when you pop out that SD card to to transfer the photos to your computer you get read errors. Before you know what is happening, the Windows displays a "This card is not formatted. Would you like to format now?" dialog. Ugh. My week worth of pictures are lost. Now, my wife and I really do not take pictures all that often, but we happened to have planned out a week with our 6 and 8 year old nieces that we see about once a year. We enjoy their company and purposely took a lot of photos. This is hard for us to do, as I am completely against living live behind a camera/cellphone screen(I'm on reddit on a desktop, so that's okay!). What I mean is, when something neat is happening, I like to watch it with happen, not hold up some crappy cell phone and watch it through that screen. So, back to the story of my SD Card. It's toast. As a techie, I was determined to recover it. I tried about 3 different software recovery applications with no success. The software recovery applications I tried were; Recurva - (I had purchased it two years ago to recover photos off a corrupted hard drive to an aunt) PhotoRec - - My Google-fu said this was the most powerful SD memory card recovery software ever. Almost every forum thread I read suggest that this would fix my issue and make me a sandwhich on the side. Zero Assumption Recovery - - Recommended on the home page of the vendor I used to get my photos back! At this point I was getting desperate, and figured it was worth a shot. Now, something that was unique to me was that my 16 GB Class 10 Wintec SD card wasn't reading as the full 16 GBs. When Windows7 was prompting to format it, it was saying my SD card was only 1GB. Yeowch. After about three hours of trying different software, researching, rescanning with new options, and researching again - I knew it wasn't a software problem. I had a corrupted memory controller module in my SD card and there was nothing else I could do to fix it. On started my hunt to find a vender to recover my files, but thankfully I didn't have to look long. First thing I hit on early in my software recovery trials was this YouTube Video - It was crazy, but showed that it was possible and venders could open the SD card and read the internal memory chips themselves. I can't remember the exact searches i used, but I one of the least expensive companies I found in the US was in Florida. They wanted $250 for software recovery, and if it had to be cracked open, it would be $399 or more. I noped out of that faster then my cat in a shower. But then I remembered that Recoverfab Youtube video and checked out their website. Their pricing wasn't as bad, so I decided to give it a shot and opened an account and submitted an order to have my SD card recovered. They gave good advice on how to mail it through customs and provided email confirmation once it was received. The turnaround on the recovery of my photos after they received it was two days. Sure enough, they recovered all my family vacation photos that I was worried were gone to the abyss. It doesn't look like they do any marketing besides the YouTube channel, and word of mouth from success stories like mine. With all that said, who have you used with success to get those lost pictures back? Has it been a specific piece of software, or have you found a vendor in the US that can do the work inexpensively?
My SanDisk SD card which was 4GB in size just packed up working and I could not access any of my holiday photos! It just happened when I was using my camera on the last day of our two week holiday. One minute my camera was working just fine then all of a sudden it said there was a memory chip error. When I got back from holiday I put the chip in my computer and that would not recognise it either. After searching the Internet I came upon a company in Germany called Recoverfab who claimed to be able to dismantle the memory card and read the memory chip within it and from that get the photos back. They say that they can even recover data from some physically damaged cards. At first I have to say I was a bit sceptical but they offer a no recovery no fee service so I thought I would give it a go. Also they had lots of very positive endorsements on their web site. I sent my card to them on Saturday morning in a jiffy bag by airmail and by Tuesday they had sent an email to acknowledge receipt and had already began work on it. By Wednesday of the same week they had sent me a preview of some of the photos that had recovered! Once you have settled up with them they allow you to download all the recovered photos. Brilliant service and highly recommended.
I thought I would just say thanks to some of the posts on this forum. We had a failed camera memory stick with lots of images from family events - controller probably. So after Googling a few companies I had quotes from 200 GBP to 800 GBP plus VAT at 20% - from a well known big company, and no guarantee even after all that spend. One of them actually used the same phrase - "how much do you value them"... I did not like that approach much, event though they were right. So then I Googled for specialist data recovery and read this post. I decided to send the memory stick to as they documented the process and as mentioned have a price list. It was fantastic, the whole process took less than a week and the longest was having the memory sticked physically mailed to Dresden. So thanks to this forum and recoverfab.
I would just like to share my recent experience. We have just returned from our first family holiday. Imagine the feeling when, five days into the holiday and all the pictures just vanish. The SD card was totally wiped so we resorted to taking some photos on the camera's built in memory but the bulk of our holiday was gone. On arriving back home we took the card to our local photography printers and and asked if there was anything they could do to recover the photos. Two days later they telephoned me to advise that the card was completely corrupt and that the 16GB card thought it was a 1GB card and recommended I ditch the card. Hopes dashed again. Then I mentioned my tale of woe to a work colleague who said he would take a look for me as he has some "special software" which might do the job. Unfortunately this didn't work either. Hopes dashed again. However, my colleague suggested I use Recoverfab ( a company based in Germany. I sent off an email and explained the problem. To my delight, the gentlemen, Leopold Hiersche, thought he would be able to help. I sent my corrupt SD memory card by mail to him and today I received an email showing me thumb prints of our precious holiday photos - I'm so over the moon!! 5* service. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service. Thank you Recoverfab!
During our family trip to Europe, we suddenly could not read or write to our camera memory card. What a stressful time to think that we had lost all photographs from our visit to the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, the Palace at Versailles and most importantly, the photos of us at our favorite café from our honeymoon 19 years ago. My husband, who is very tech savvy, ran multiple recovery programs but had no luck recovering our pictures. We also tried through a camera shop but they also could not recover our pictures. My husband searched on-line and found Recoverfab. Having no other options, we decided to take a chance and shipped the damaged memory card to them. To our delight, they were able to recover all of our pictures from Paris. Thank you, Recoverfab!
Hi all, Would just like to share my experience with everyone and help anyone who has a memory card problem. Basically to cut the story short, I recently was using my memory card in my device which failed with NO WARNING, it was not able to be read on my computer nor device and absolutely shattered me. Putting the 32GB micro SD card into another device did not even detect it, even with an adaptor. I searched and searched around, a local company quoted me $1500 WITH NO GUARANTEE FOR RECOVERY and i was shattered even more knowing that they could not even give me a definitive answer on whether they could do it. after more and more searching around i came across a company in Germany, one of very very few companies that could recover the data off it. THey are called RecoverFab ( - google it). I was unsure but read so many good reviews about them online but decided to do it and they way cheaper than my local company who couldnt even look at it properly. I sent my card about a week ago and they received it yesterday Before I knew it i got an email today with previews for my files and images recovered 100%. I was speechless and it was astounded that the biggest data recovery company could not even do it here in Australia. Thank you RecoverFab, I could not recommend them highly enough to anyone!! I do encourage you all to check them out. Cheers
I had a similar problem to the one you mentioned. I did a video of my cousin's wedding on a brand new Nikon d800 and a brand new San Disk Extreme Pro SD card. After the event when I tried to view the footage back the camera kept bringing up a "Card Error" message and I was unable to view the footage. Ordinarily I would try to use a computer program to try and retrieve the information on the card, but when I inserted it the camera wouldn't even recognise the card. I came across Recoverfab on a forum not unlike this one. I contacted them, and they responded immediately, which I was quite impressed with considering they're in Germany. I looked at the online video demonstrating the methods they use to extract the information, and decided to take a leap of faith and send away the card. About a week later they contacted me to inform me that they had recovered 100% of the information on the card. For anyone who feels they may have lost precious footage on a card I would recommend that they try Recoverfab.
Hi, I had a similar problem...had a lovely family holiday in the south of France...came home and went to download the photos to my PC and the error message "card not initialized" came up. Could not get the images at all. Absolutely devastated! I gave the card to my brother in law whose clued up with all these types of things and he tried all sorts of recovery software, but no luck. He found me this did cost but you only get charged if your data is recovered and you get e preview of your data no fee, can't get any fairer than that. I sent of my card and within a matter of days I got my photos....all 500 plus....absolutely priceless
I think if you have been doing digital photography long enough, almost everyone has encountered the memory card error nightmare. If software recovery attempts are failing and you want the photos recovered I highly recommend, owner, Leopold Hiersche. I got the memory card error for the first time this year (2014) just after the holidays. I had 6 months of photos on the 16GB Transcend memory card, only half of which I had backed up. Software recovery was unsuccessful (multiple programs). I sent the card to a US Data Recovery Service and they had no success. I heard about Recoverfab through my camera store and online. Mr. Hiersche responded promptly to my email and I filed out he order form online. The website has videos demonstrating the data recovery methods that are amazing. They take the data right off the memory chip in the card. Shipping the card to Germany was very easy. I used FedEx and in 4 days got an email that my order had been received. The next morning I received an email that my photos had been recovered and could view 100 of these on the website under my accounts. The price was reasonable, especially compared to several US companies quotes.
I had a SD card go bad on my camera that had a bunch of baby's-first-vacation-pictures and all of a sudden the card wasn't readable or recognized on the camera or on the card reader on the computer. I was majorly bummed out. I googled card recovery and sent it to one place that couldn't get any pictures back and got quotes from a couple others that were 500-700 with no guarantee that they would be able to recover my pictures. I finally came upon Recoverfab which is located in Germany. I thought I might be crazy sending my SD card that far to get looked at but their prices were low and listed up front and there was no up-front cost... no charge unless they could recover the pictures. They've also got tips and links for trying a software recovery to see if you can get your pictures back for free! I decided after trying everything else that I had nothing to lose... I packed up the SD card and sent it off to Germany. 10 days later when the card finally was delivered, I got an e-mail back from the owner saying it had been received and he expected to be done within the next 3 days. The next day I got another e-mail and a link showing the previews to all the pictures that had been recovered- I was amazed. I've now got pictures that I would never have been able to replace otherwise. I can't believe how fast and affordable the recovery was, I had all but given up any hope of getting the pictures back and now I'll be able to enjoy them forever. I happily recommend Recoverfab if you've got a card that needs recovery. I hope I don't have any other SD card problems but if I do I know who to send it to right away this time.
I wanted to share my experience with recovering underwater photos and videos from a corrupted SD card. My underwater camera flooded during my honeymoon, with nearly 700 photos thought to be lost. The computer said that the memory card was not able to be read. The contacts on the SD card had salt crust on them, so I tried rinsing the SD card in fresh water and then placed it in a bag of rice to dry. 48 hours later, the card would still not read. I searched online for various data recovery companies, and had great reviews and the most competitive pricing. I shipped the card to them in Germany and a few days later, I was told that all of the photos and videos had been recovered, and now all of my memories have been saved. I wish I could say the same for the camera, but at least that can be replaced.
I'd like to share my experience with others. Recently my wife had a CF card fail on her at a friend's wedding. I was confident that I could recover the data using Photorec - great software that I've used previously to recover lost data from corrupt cards. Unfortunately on this occasion I couldn't use Photorec as the card would not mount in any reader. It simply behaved as though no card was present. Turning to the forums, it appeared that the data recovery industry in the UK is a bit of a minefield. The only place which had consistently good reviews on various forums is Recoverfab in Germany. I was originally hesitant to send the broken card to Germany, however I took a deep breath and posted it off last Monday lunchtime. Yesterday I received an email to let me know that it had arrived safely, and today a second email wit thumbnails of the recovered photos! Fantastic! So thanks to this Forum for pointing me in the direction of Recoverfab and Mr Leopold Hiersche at Recoverfab for a fantastic service!
I would also like to share my positive experience with I had similar issues with my 16GB SD card as described above. While nearing the end of my vacation in Costa Rica, my camera read "memory card error" when I turned it on and I could no longer take any photos nor view any of the photos on my camera. I checked for any physical damage and to make sure that the card wasn't in the "locked" position. I went back to the hotel, and I couldn't view the photos on my PC either. I was freaking out! My whole vacation was on there, and I took some really awesome pictures! After returning home, I tried using recover software I downloaded online and I was not successful. I took it to a shop that also tried to retrieve the files by using recovery software and they weren't successful either. I was pretty defeated at this point, but as I was talking with the guys at the shop and they suggested that I would most likely have to turn to a company that actually physically retrieves the files, which in most cases is pretty pricey. However, they recommended, they said it was the place with one of the highest success rates at recovering files and it was competitively priced. I decided to give it a shot. I contacted recoverfab, and they said I should send my card on over because there was a good chance they could help. I have to say, I am thrilled with the result. My photos were recovered within two weeks of sending my SD card to them! It's awesome to have physical photos and not just rely on memories from my vacation. I'm super happy with the service I received at and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has similar problems with their memory cards.
I recently took some vital photos of my daughter at a gymnastics state final, and pics of a friend's spouse who has been diagnosed with cancer. Upon placing the 32GB CF card into my PC media slot, I noticed that the PC indicated that the card had 32MB of memory, not 32GB. I tried several free recovery tools, and then purchased an inexpensive licensed one, all to no avail. I had heard about a German engineer's small business, RECOVER FAB ( ) from a discussion here on DP Review and decided, based upon the significant personal value of the images, to risk sending my CF card to the engineer. It took about a 2 weeks to clear customs, but once the disk made it there, within 48 hours, the engineer had posted sample thumbnails of my images as proof that he had succeeded in recovering 100% of my shots. The fee was not cheap at $400, but I was so relieved to have my priceless memories recovered. BTW, they were shot primarily with a 500mm f/4 old manual focus Nikon glass through a used D700 - not ideal for action, but wow, I'm a happy dude. Has anyone else used this service.

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