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I had a 16 GB SD card in my camera and suddenly it developed the same Memory Card Error as yours. It stopped working and I couldn’t access all my data in it. After fruitless attempts to get a place where I could retrieve my data, I called on Recoverfab http://recoverfab.com/ after a I thought I had lost two years worth of pictures, videos and family memories on my memory cards. It looked like my camera was creating ‘bugs’ that kept destroying every SD card I bought and used. No software kit could help me either as I had tried them all. It seemed the externals of the card had been damaged thus preventing any memory card reader to be able to recognize it. I had tried over 5 different data recovery companies without any success and thought it was a hopeless situation. I scoured furiously to find an company that could do the job. I had given up after consulting several with little or no success claim to help recover your data. I was in agony! I was getting ready to send it off to data recovery experts. I gave Recoverfab my cards as they also insisted they could provide a solution access the whole drive contents and retrieved 100% of the pictures and videos. Within a week my files were recovered allowing me to copy them off to another location. It was able to recover the data even though I had not found It recovered all of my data. Wow! Recoverfab is an excellent team!
Just a quick post to let anyone out there who has lost precious photo's from an SD card or similar device not to panic! Even if the card appears destroyed and unreadable in any device the pictures can be recovered. Recoverfab based in Germany run an amazing business at a very reasonable price compared to the vast majority of data recovery sites on the net. I lost over 400 photos during a recent trip to Asia when my Transcend 8GB Memory Card just stopped working, there one minute gone the next. Tried free software and even a data recovery specialist in Asia - no joy. Discovered Recoverfab on the Net and within a week of sending them my card they had recovered all the lost photo's, provided evidence prior to payment, and contacted me to let me know - they really are an amazing company!! highly recommended if you have a similar problem with fried SD cards.
Hello Ashley, I'm from Mexico and I had a similar problem with a Micro SD 8GB card, that I used on my digital camera, and it stopped working just after I got back from a trip to Europe and there were about 2000 photos on the card that I couldn't read or retrieve, I almost had a heart attack, but after spending 2 hours searching for a good recovery solution I found the link to a German site, http://recoverfab.com, specialized on data recovery from damaged memory cards, including SD, Micro SD, USB Flash Drives, etc. So I contacted them and they gave me their price list and discount options and then I sent them my Micro SD and after a couple weeks the got about 2200 photos from my card, I'm very satisfied and happy with the result. So I hope this will work for you, they are very professional, very fast and I think they are the best option out there.
Just a brief (and final) update on the issue: In the end I went for recoverfab. Apparently they focus on memory card recovery and don't do hard drives as far as I can see. Most of the companies I came across were the opposite. I shipped my broken card last Thursday, had the arrival confirmed on Friday and just now I found an email in my inbox with a link to 100 sample thumbs of my recovered images. Once payment is through, I can download my pictures via ftp – needless to say I'm overjoyed as I had not thought to see my images again. Should anyone have a physical fault with a memory card, I can really recommend the guys at recoverfab. Thanks again to you guys for your help (and dissections), take care!
Hi all! I would just like to let you know about a website which recovers photos from a damaged memory card in case anyone is in a similar situation as I was. I have just got back from a holiday, visiting Ireland, Paris and Bruges. I of course took many photos and then half way through my stay in Paris my camera said 'insert memory card'. I checked and the memory card was still in the camera, and didn't appear to have been damaged in any way. Once I got back I visited a camera shop in England, and they told me there was no way of recovering the photos because my computer wouldn't recognize the memory card when it was connected. However, I did some research and sent my card to a company in Germany called Recoverfab who can recover photos from damaged or unreadable memory cards, all for a very reasonable price! I now have all of my missing photos!!!!! I am so pleased and thank recoverfab for giving me back all of these memories! Anyone in a similar position - I definitely recommend this website!!
Hi, I saw your post and had to add my story here. I also had a very positive experience with Recoverfab. I was using a Sandisk Micro SD 8GB Memory Card in my phone. It contained all the photos of my two children from birth to present day (they're 3 and 2 respectively). I recently tried to access my gallery to view my pictures and got a message saying that I needed to input my SD card. I was needless to say, confused as my card was already inserted. I wouldn't be the most technically minded of people but I didn't panic at that stage. I turned off the phone and turned it on again and that didn't work. I then removed the SD card, cleaned the contacts and retried but that also didn't work. I was absolutely heart broken. I couldn't believe that I didn't have the foresight to back up my card (something I will do in future!). I tried the local photo store and they were unsuccessful at recovering any of the data. I was looking on the Internet in the meantime, and saw several positive reviews of Recoverfab in Germany. I had previously worked for an electronics company and knew by the owners background that his knowledge would be a huge help in trying to fix my problem. I contacted Recoverfab by email. I received a very prompt reply outlining the process to follow. I got my order number and sent off the damaged card in great hope that something could be done. I received an email confirmation when my card arrived and outlining a date of when to expect an update. I received an update promptly and was absolutely delighted that Recoverfab were able to recover all my data. They even sent me a preview of some of the photos that had been recovered. I am over the moon with the result and although it did cost a nice bit of money, it was worth every penny to get my children's photos returned to me. I found Recoverfab extremely professional to deal with and am very very happy with the end result. I would thoroughly recommend them!
I had a similar problem to rahuljagia13. Card would not mount. I tried a few free card recovery programs, but since the card would could not be found as a valid drive, the card recovery had no chance. I have used this same SD card for a while (16GB sandisk) and read that the controller sometimes goes bad. My only option apparently was to send to data recovery. Looked at some reviews of recoverfab.com. I was a little concerned about sending my card to Germany, but I did not see and other options with decent reviews for the same price in the US. Sent the card, they recovered about 400 photos and 100 videos from my card. I'll chalk that up to my penance for not offloading the pics like I should have!
I had pretty much the same thing happen recently. My first DSLR camera, a brand new Nikon 7K, with brand new SanDisk 16G card installed. While on a "trip of a lifetime" a week after I bought it, took over 1200 photos, plus video, and the card froze - just said "card error" on the camera. Called the photog shop where I purchased the camera, they said not to worry, they would read it when I got home. Took it in, the guy said he had never seen this before; they couldn't read it with any of their equipment. I was devastated. I searched the internet and, like Rashad, kept coming across Recoverfab, a company in Germany, in various forums and blogs. I contacted Recoverfab and they really were amazing. I mailed the card off to them from Canada, and within days I received an email showing 100 of my photos on it - I couldnt believe it. They informed me that they had recovered all of the data. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with, very professional, prompt, reasonably priced and best of all, successful. Sure, there are lots of free, do-it-yourself programs out there - I guess it depends how valuable your data is to you.
I wanted to share my expereince.....I bought a Duracell 16GB Cf card and used it for years without any problems until one day it failed on me. I had a full day wedding on it along with some other sessions from that day.I used a portable card reader to transfer it to my computer and during the upload process it stopped. I didn't do anything to make it stop. I have had this happen to me before and I have used a recovery program to recover my photos successfully. I thought this would be the case but it wasn't! The recovery software I used only recovered 400 photos and I had about 3000 on it. From that point on I knew that memory card was corrupted on the inside and I felt that all was lost. My camera asked me to format the card which I did not do and the computer didn't recognize the memory card....... I think I cried for about 2 days.But searching the internet I read many posts about this guy in Germany from Recoverfab who is very successful in recovering your photos. I was reluctant in shipping my card to Germany from Hawaii, but I put my faith in Leopold and shipped it off!!!! The service is excellent!!!!!! they emailed me when they received my package and gave me as estimated time that they would be done. They came back with my results earlier then the date he gave me and he recovered all my images :) he is my miracle man......I am so grateful and happy beyond words to Recoverfab. If you haven't used recoverfab you have not tried everything!!!!! They are the BEST@@ and I will definitely be referring a lot of photogs to them:)
I'll share my experience with a similar instance with an unrecognizable SD card that had about 500+ photos. I tried a few "soft" recovery methods fruitlessly and then found a data recovery service from Germany, Recoverfab. I sent the sd card via mail and they were able to recover these photos very quickly. A preview of your pics is posted on their website and once you are satisfied with the recovery, you follow up with a payment. All in all, very happy with the experience. Hope it helps you with your card.
Just want to share my experience here as well. My camera bag got wet while on a scuba diving trip. The camera (Sony Nex 5N) and SD card (32GB San Disk) got soaked. Based on past experience, I left them in rice to soak up the humidity for several days. Then I cleaned the contacts of the SD card. I looked online and tried software recovery such as ZAR and Rescue Pro. But nothing worked. I was desperate. I didn't want to loose my precious memories like this. Thus, I looked for recovery services. Based on the positive reviews, I chose Recoverfab, I was a little skeptical sending my SD card in, all the way to Germany. But when I saw 466 of my photos and 18 videos. I relaxed. i recommend giving them a try if you are at a wit's end like me. Worth the price.
I had almost the exact same problem with my 4gig micro SD card in my HTC One V. Everything seemed to be fine, then one day I got a notice on my phone saying "SD card removed unexpectedly". I figured, no problem, I’ll just take it out and put it back in, no big deal. But after several tries it appeared that wasn’t going to work. It was just never recognized. So I tried the card in my Mac, no dice. I tried it in my camera, and my laptop, nothing. It wouldn’t mount on anything. I was pretty upset, since that card had lots of pictures, videos and music on it that I was really desperate to keep (I’m talkin pictures of a recently deceased friend here). I took to the internet, and it seemed that other people who had the same issue had to send the disk out for professional recovery. Almost every single one of them swore by this company in Germany called recoverfab.com, so I sent them my disk. Within a day of getting the disk, they were able to post all of the contents, including a preview of the pics. They can be a bit pricey, but if your data means that much to you (like it did to me), it’s well worth it. I would definitely go with them.
We just lost over 1000 pictures from a family vacation. I was in despair when I realized that the SD card would not mount on the camera or with any reader I tried. I was certain that the pics were lost for good since every place I tried or software I looked into would need a readable card. Fortunately I found a company on the internet called RecoverFab. All of my pictures were recovered within a couple of hours of them receiving it and the price was very reasonable. I truly can't recommend their service enough! Susan
I had exactly the same problem with a memory card. The card had shown an error while filming our Wedding speeches and couldn't be read by any device. Effectively we had lost all video footage from our Wedding! In a panic we tried numerous methods to get the data off using software, which were to no avail. Eventually after much research we found recoverfab.com. This is a small company (I think one man 'Leopold') based in Germany, but they have very very good reviews so I thought I'd give them a go. We posted my memory card off (recorded delivery) and less than a week later received a link to all the pictures and video's on the card. I can't say how happy we are with the service and even though we had to pay, at under £200 it was much much cheaper than using many of the big recovery companies. I would recommend them to help!
I used Recoverfab to help recover 150 photos. My sd card was saying that it needed formatted every time I put it in my computer or camera. I gave the card to two different IT friends who couldn't recover anything. I also tried Photorec, but recovered mostly thumbnails of my photos. I filled out an order form with Recoverfab and they immediately sent me an order number and instructions of how to get my card there. Within a week, they had received the card and recovered over half of my lost photos. They are very professional to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone who has given up on their sd card, or who has a damaged card. From other reviews I've read, they are very reasonably priced compared to other companies that do this sort of work. I would definitely use them again!
The other day my wife switched on our digicam and was told it couldn’t access the sd card inside. I tried inserting the card into my MacBook – wasn’t recognized. Then I tried with the old XP PC and a card reader – same result. With a card in such condition software recovery solutions such as Zero Assumption Recovery just won’t work. After searching the Internet I came across Recoverfab. Sent the card there by mail, got receipt confirmation three days later and recovery confirmation another three days later. A fine service… The guy behind it has a high credibility because he’s worked in the semiconductor industry for more than 35 years. As it’s usually just the controller on the card that’s broken and not the actual memory chips they disassemble the card and extract the chips. Then the data is read from the chips with a special device in raw format and compiled into something readable. There’s a video on their website – quite interesting for the technically inclined. A word about the pricing. In contrast to digital recovery (using software tools) physical recovery is a) only provided by a handful of companies and b) usually terribly expensive. Those companies in general target enterprise customers for whom money isn’t an issue because their data is so valuable. With recovering sd cards one obviously targets John Doe customers, folks like you and me. The service provided by Recoverfab still isn’t cheap but affordable for most people. You pay per GB capacity no matter how much of your card’s capacity you actually used.
After sitting on a corrupted memory card for many years, we had a second memory card corrupt. Both cards had irreplaceable digital memories on them. My husband tried a number of different tactics that were found on the internet, none of which worked. After a few weeks of frustration, we decided to send the cards to Recoverfab. Honestly, we should have used them first! Setting up an account was extremely easy based on the step by step instructions received from the Company. After the company received the product in the mail, we received a notice with a status update. Less than a day later, he had our pictures!!! We had a number of questions regarding the size and a few specific pictures and Recoverfab was quick to answer any questions we had. We are beyond happy to have these memories back! Hopefully, we never have a corrupted memory card again, but if we do, recoverfab will be our FIRST stop!
I recently was trying to move pictures, from a recent vacation, from my SD card to my computer when, all of a sudden, my computer wouldn't recognize my card. I tried rebooting my computer, tried the card in different computers, even tried downloading those software programs from the internet. None of these worked for me. I thought that my files were lost until I cam across a website that said that they could recover the files. Since they said that I wouldn't have to pay until the files were recovered, I thought, "What the heck?" Well, they were able to recover all of the files flawlessly! So, if you ever happen to be in the same predicament, try this website: http://recoverfab.com They were able to help me, hopefully they will be able to help you!
THIS REALLY DOES WORK - IT IS AMAZING!!! Just wanted to post regarding a great recovery service called Recoverfab in Germany. I had recently been on an amzing family holiday in Barbados and we only took one camera between all of the family. On the last day, while taking the last photo of the holiday the camera just shut down. When turning the camera back on the camera dispalyed a worrying read error and it would not allow us to view any of the photos (Approx 300 photos) We returned to the UK and then tried numerous recovery software packages, proffesional advice from the maker of the MicroSD Card and we even took it to a couple of camera shops. All of these efforts failed and we had almost given up all hope, with my wife and family devasted with the lost of the really important photos. Fortunately I decided to not give up all hope and spent hours trawling the internet for answers. Most of the information pointed to an error that had occured with taking this last photo which had then corrupted the whole MicroSD Card. It first appeared that recovering information on MicroSD Cards was almost impossible until I came across a company in Germany called Recoverfab. They seemed to have a success rate with recovering this type of data from SD and Micro SD Cards so we thought why not give it a try, not expecting too much. they sent me this link to explain how it works which completely blew me away. I sent my card off to Recoverfab and they were able to retrieve all of my lost photos! I was starting to give up hope, so I was elated to learn that they were able to get them back. Thankfully I now have all 286 photos back from my family holiday in Barbados and our 22 month old daughter will now be able to see the photos for herself in years to come. So if all of your attempts seem to be in vain with all the methods in this forum, give them a try. They won't charge you if they can't retrieve anything, which is nice. It's worth a shot! So thanks Recoverfab.
Hi all I thought I would share with you an amazing place that I have found called recoverfab (http://recoverfab.com) this company is based in Germany and has amazing customer service. A few weeks ago after coming home from an amazing holiday in Egypt with hundreds of photos and I was going to back up my pictures my brand new camera kept beeping saying memory card fault, I went to three different places trying to get someone to retrieve my pictures for weeks different people had my chip but to no avail. a work college then recommended recoverfab to me, I was a bit wiry having never heard of them but I googled reviews and I e-mailed them myself to which I got a response. I explained that after my card been looked at by various people that my card was now in 3 pieces and was there anything that could be done, he told me to post it to him anyway and he would have a look. Three days after posting my chip I got an e-mail to say that my memory card had been received and the following day I got an e-mail to say that he had recovered 300 pictures and 2 videos and there was a collage of 100 pictues in a separate login for me to see, I could not believe this. I could not recommend recoverfab more than enough and I am so happy that all my amazing memories have not been lost. The customer service from recoverfab has been second to none and with so much information on their website and a quick reply I was amazed. If anyone has the same problem as me and thinks that there is nothing more that can be done try recoverfab before you give up hope.
My experience with Recoverfab has been awesome! I cannot thank them enough. A year ago I dropped my memory card in a river. I had pictures from a previous trip to Mexico and pictures from Glacier National Park. I was not able to pull them up. Everyone I sent it to, said there was no hope. However, Recoverfab was able to recover all 400 my pictures!
Having a problem with my 4gb ScandiscSD card I tried various soft wear options but none could read the card so I came across http://recoverfab.com/ on the net. They are based in Germany and as I had exhausted all other options and that the 1000+ photos were irreplaceable I sent the card to these guys. Brilliantly efficient accessed the card in 2 days confirmed data recovery and gave me an account to preview photos only then did I need to pay for the service. An excellent option.
Some advice in case you don't have a backup: I had a similar problem where my sd card was working one day, and after ejecting it was never recognized again. It didn't matter whether I put it into a mac, a pc, a camera, a phone, or a card reader. The sd card was dead. Unfortunately, it had a couple hundred vacation photos on it, so I needed to recover the data. All of the cheap options online are software recovery, but first your computer has to be able to recognize that you actually have a card connected. Mine didn't. I tried troubleshooting it through various fora online and found several positive reviews of a recovery service in Germany. I ultimately decided to bite the bullet and send it in. It took about five weeks to get there, but eventually it arrived and two days later, I had my photos. It's not as cheap as the software fixes you can find online, but if the problem is one of hardware, there aren't any really cheap options. The service I used was from RecoverFab. You can google them to read some others' experiences.
Whilst travelling around Asia this year I managed to break my SD 16 GB memory card whilst in the sea!! I had it in what I thought was a waterproof money wallet (do NOT trust these 'waterproof' money wallets in Asia they do NOT work- I found out the hard way!!) and got it wet in the sea. My camera then would not read the memory card and it was saying my memory card was locked :( I was so upset, and thought I'd lost my photos forever.Anyway- after returning home I did an internet search and came across a website called Recoverfab- who said they were able to fix my memory card. I searched through reviews first to make sure they were a reputable company (all the reviews were good) and then posted off my memory card to see if they could fix it for me! The service I received was excellent, Recoverfab emailed me back within a week of me sending my memory card to them, saying that they had recovered all 1112 photographs- with a sample of 100 of the photos!!! I was so pleased that they had managed to recover all of my precious memories and would recommend Recoverfab to anyone! They sent me a disc with all my photos on, I am so happy I came across Recoverfab and that they were able to help me so easily.
The very LAST day of our holiday my JVC Everio HD camera (1,5 year old!) broke down from one moment to the other. Just like that; it was completely dead. It happened on the island of Alcatraz under normal circumstanced (sunny, some wind, 20 degrees celsius)... The next day we flew back home and to my surprise the SD card with about 2000 shots of HD video was NOT detected by any computer. After this wonderful journey, this was a big deception for me and my family. A lot of work went into this film and it was the first holiday in the USA for my daughter. In fact JVC destroyed my SD card. A lesson has been learned by me..... After some Googling I quickly found out that a company called recoverfab might be able to do the job, based on the large amounts of responses from all over the world. Of course these kinds of specialized services don't come for free. But then again, try to put a price tag on your 3 hour holiday film. The holiday also cost me a fortune. I could never make this film again... I sent the Transcend SDXC card (64GB) to recoverfab and just two days after the SD card arrived at recoverfab, I got a message saying that he managed to pull out the videos from the SD card, which to me seemed to be dead as dead can be... Just amazing! As a proof I saw stills from the video on his website (a personalized page for which I had to login). I believe recoverfab physically pulls out the memory from the dead SD card and transfers it to a working controller. Maybe it is easy and probably it's not. I don't care! It's all well worth it and me and my family are VERY happy! Thanks to RECOVERFAB. Now I think I'm going to have a chat with the guys at JVC.
Hello! I also had the unfortunate happen to me - my memory card got physically damaged while I was in Europe. I was extremely upset because I had ALL my vacation photos on that SD card. I tried to get it fixed EVERYWHERE while I was in the Mediterranean. Photo labs told me they didn't know how to fix it, some places told me my memory card isn't fixable, and even the photo lab on the cruise ship didn't know how to retrieve my photos. So I had no choice to but to go home to get it fixed. I went home and I called a lot of date recovery companies. They wanted to charge me $800-$1000USD!!! Even though those pictures meant a lot for me, I couldn't come up with that much money. Fortunately, I discovered a company in Germany called Recoverfab. They were willing to fix my 16GB for less than $400! That's more than half of what they charge at home. Customer service is also fantastic at Recoverfab. They e-mail you right away when you send in your inquiries and they also e-mail you immediately after receving your SD card. Recoverfab also provides you with an online account where you can keep track of the status of your memory card!Recoverfab is a fantastic company. Recoverfab is also a fantastic company because after they recover all your data, they show you a sample of your pictures to make sure you are satisfied with their service. I had a fantastic experience with Recoverfab and I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a memory card problem! I hope this helps!
We had a similar if not worse problem of not our memory card not even being recognised in the computer or the camera, so in instances like this the free software, like Recuva, sadly doesn't work. Also had a great experience with www.recoverfab.com - I had read a lot of good reviews and what instilled confidence was that even on his website he suggests people try the free software (like Recuva or whatever else) out first on their usb/sd, but that his service was for situations like mine. I sent the card last Tuesday, and by Friday I had thumbnails of all my images that I had lost (which were incidentally photos from a holiday to visit my brother, so very valuable to me sentimentally!) I'd had a quote from another company here in the UK which was astronomical hence trawling the internet, and RecoverFab was awesome. If you hit the same prob as mine, or if you're being told that the photos cannot be recovered I'd say try out RecoverFab as he doesn't even charge for the initial evaluation, i.e. if he cant recover the photos then there is no charge.
I had a problem with my SD Card in an underwater Camera. It would not load up on the camera or computer at the end of a vacation. It wasn't cracked but on of the contacts was worn down. I was devastated with all of my vacation pictures lost. When I got home I downloaded all of the software I could find to restore the pictures but the disk would not mount on the computer so the software did me no good. I found a guy in the Chicago area who said he could fix it so I took the disk to him and he couldn't do anything. I found a company in Germany recoverfab.com. I took the chance and mailed my disk to Germany hoping beyond hope that they could help. Sure enough a week and half later I had all of my pictures back. What a life saver and an awesome Christmas present. I will definitely use this company again if I have a problem like this.
Hi, just to say that I lost all hope of retrieving my personal and course work photos. My SD card case cracked after my son decided to sit on it! My fault for not backing up the card on a regular basis. Anyhow the card went to three local PC experts and no one managed to access the data. They all told me to throw the card away,which I was loathed to do. All my work down the pan!!! My last resort was to search for solutions on the web, and thats where I found recoverfab. What could I lose, no fee payable until data was found, only a postage fee to pay. So imagine my relief when I see sample photos sent back to me to preview. Miracles do happen! Expensive but worth every penny, just do it!
During a recent trip to Cambodia, my Lexar 4GB SD card got accidentally damaged when I removed it from the camera. Consequently I was not any more able to read the contents, neither from the camera, nor my Mac or PC. Then I tried different recovery softwares which were not able to recognize the card, probably because it was physically damaged. The local photo shop couldn't help either. I then came across RecoverFab in Germany (reoverfab.com) which was recommended by different forums, and I spontaneously contacted them via their on-line form. I immediately got an answer with a quote and what I liked is that there is no commitment: you send in your card and if they manage to recover the contents, they send you an extract to confirm purchase of their services but if they can't recover anything from the card, you will not pay. Also the order tracking functionality on their web site works very professionally. I therefore highly recommend RecoverFab for recovering contents from physically damaged cards. There is a cost to it, but recovering family or vacation pictures is definitely worth it.
I want all digital photographers to know about my experience with memory card corruption and photo recovery. I have been using Canon digital cameras for almost ten years now, having taken well over 10,000 photos. Just after the holidays I got a memory card error on my Canon PowerShot G10 for the very first time. After a lot of research online and talking to several photographer friends I realized I had corrupted my 16GB Transcend memory card, probably by erasing a single image while the card was in the camera. After several failed software recovery attempts, as well as sending the card out to a US Data Recovery Service I still had no recovered photos. I found many recommendations online for a company in Germany, Recoverfab. The owner, Leopold Hiersche, responded to my email almost immediately and directed me to research his recovery method on the website (Recoverfab.com). There are videos on the site showing the data recovery methods - AMAZING. It was very easy to complete the order form online and receive instructions on how to send in your memory device. Just 4 days after shipping my memory card by FedEx I got an email back from Mr. Hiersche that the card had been received. The next morning I had an email that my photos had been recovered and was able to view 100 of them on the my account section of the website. The recovered photos will be sent to me by hard copy and download. The cost was very reasonable especially compared to the quotes from several Data Recovery Services in the US. I am so relieved and delighted. You cannot put a price on family photos or photos from once-in-a-lifetime trips. When you need photos recovered from a damaged or corrupted memory card use Recoverfab.com. Mr. Hiersche is very efficient, professional and effective.
I took a trip to Disney World with my family and took many special pictures of the kids having a great time but towards the end of the trip the camera's SD memory card somehow got corrupted. We were extremely crushed that all the pictures from the trip may be lost forever. The usual recovery software did not work and our local camera shop quoted us a price in the thousands to recover the files (with no guarantees either). I was close to giving up when I discovered the website Recoverfab that had excellent reviews and results for data recovery from corrupted and damaged SD cards. I sent them my corrupted SD card and they were able to not only recover the images but do it for a fair price (that was clearly stated up front). I highly recommend that anybody who finds themselves in this type of situation to give Recoverfab a try.
After coming back home from vacation and trying to get photos off of my camera card, my computer nor camera would even recognize the card. I could not view the pictures or used the card any longer on any device. I had thought I lost my pictures for good. I tried downloading software and taking it to other places, nothing worked. But I researched and found a business called Recoverfab located in Germany. I sent it off to them and they were able to recover all of my pictures from that card!! They are very quick, efficient and have good prices. Best of all, if they can't recover pictures you will not be charged. Check them out, they work on other storage devices as well!
I tried sending my broken CF card to several "reputable" data rescue companies and was quoted outrages amounts to retrieve the 200+ photos stuck on my memory card. I came across Recoverfab in another forum and was hesitant to send my card off to Germany but had the quickest and most honest response of all the companies I tried. They gave me a quote up front on their website based on the size of the memory card and responded quickly and professionally to my emails. I will definitely be using them in the future!
I had the same problem and also used Recoverfab to great success! The SD card was corrupt and unrecognizable by various computers and the camera. In fact, trying to upload the SD card was crashing my computer - I tried on both mac and PC - I even reformatted it over and over to no avail. I tried a ton of different ways to access the photos and data including several software downloads that you can find online. Even more concerning the SD card was also slightly cracked so it seemed like we might have completely lost all opportunity for data recovery, or that I had maybe overwritten the photo data by constant reformatting. I found Recoverfab on this forum first, and it was also mentioned on others to high acclaim so I thought to try it. The process was seamless and hundreds of precious photos were recovered at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Recoverfab- don't waste another moment researching!
I'd like to throw in a recommendation for Recoverfab for recovery of flash memory. When my first daughter was born we bought a shiny new SLR and took hundreds of photos of before, during, and after the event. When I went to import the photos to my Mac the SD card was just not recognized. Nothing. Same with the camera, and with an Ubuntu laptop I had lying around. I'm familiar with data recovery using ddrescue and photorec, but if the computer can't even recognize the card I didn't know what to do. So the card went in a drawer and I wrote it off. My daughter just recently turned three and I decided it was time to give professional recovery a shot. I shipped the card to Recoverfab on March 28, and got the arrival notice via email on April 7. The next day they had all the files recovered! Needless to say I'm very thankful for their service.
Hi all, I gotta say, I love this forum! My wife & I just had our second son a few weeks ago and we used her mother's camera to take pictures of the birth and a lot of other baby photos. When we got home from the hospital, my wife tried to plug in the SD card into the computer, but instead bent it in half. We had not downloaded any of the photos prior, so understandably, she was quite unhappy. I searched the web and found a lot of suggestions to try, downloading various recovery software programs, but nothing worked. I think checked here and found that several people recommended RecoverFab. After searching for anything Australian that came close to the price (it doesn't), we decided to give them a try. It was as easy as everyone has said – we sent them the card, got an email from them that they received it, it was processed the next day and we got another email from them that they were able to recover our photos! These guys were fast and the best price by far I could find, even given that they are based in Germany. I strongly recommend giving them a try if you need to recover a damaged SD card.
Hello, I had the same problem with my 64GB komputerbay card. After a long day of photography, I found out that computer is not reading my card at all. The camera is asking me to format. which i never want to do. I sent them to a lab in london to recover and after a week they called me and said its unrecoverable..!! they said they opened the card and took out the chip but it was encrypted..damn!! all my prayers!!! this time i searched online for someone with a solution, and i found recover fab,a recovery lab in Germany, talked to the owner and he said its possible to recover..again a hope!! mailed him the card and in few days got back the recovered files..!! that was really unexpected and amazing!! check them out in http://recoverfab.com/ if you are serious about your pictures.

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