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The prices listed here are based on the size of the storage medium and not on the amount of stored or rescued data. All costs (without shipment) are included in the listed price. If you are not satisfied with the result of the recovery, there is no payment obligation. Unsuccessful data rescue is of course free of charge. After successful data rescue, an offer will be sent to you by email, along with data samples or a file list.

price levelmemory sizeprices
non private data*private data
level 1up to 2 GB  198 €  98 €  
level 2 4 GB  198 €  126 €  
level 3 8 GB  248 €  165 €  
level 4 16 GB  348 €  216 €  
level 5 32 GB  498 €  289 €  
level 6 64 GB  640 €  398 €  
level 7approx. 120 GB  960 €  540 €  
level 8approx. 250 GB  1300 €  740 €  
level 9approx. 500 GB  1700 €  990 €  
level 10approx. 750 GB  2200 €  1300 €  
level 11approx. 1 TB  2900 €  1600 €  
level 12 >1 TB  on inquiryon inquiry
*data for commercial purpose, data to earn an income
In justified cases is a discount possible. Please ask via e-mail.

If other companies offer a similar service more favorably, it is because they attempt to rescue the data with a software program. However, this works only if your storage medium is still recognized by the computer with the correct size. If your storage medium is still correctly recognized, there is a free software program for data rescue that you can try out for yourself. It works outstandingly well for recovering (for example) inadvertently deleted data. If the storage medium is no longer correctly recognized, this is an indicator that an assembly part is defective, which is a problem that cannot be repaired by software.

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Hi All, We all take for granted our memory cards in our DSLR's and that it will do the job its designed to do. As a professional photographer i do my best to ensure all of my RAW photos are backed up and stored correctly. Recently i have experienced a memory card failure during a shoot. And not being able to afford 2 $8000 camera bodies with dual card slots i shoot with a 5DmK11 and a 7d. During a small wedding recently for a client (and when i say small i mean 2 hours shooting) i had one of the memory cards fail and not recognized by my PC and camera after the event. I also shoot with multiple cards and cameras to ensure if i do have a problem i dont loose everything. I loaded one of the cards into my PC the morning after the wedding and it was unrecognizable by the computer (mind you it was a fairly new card, i shoot over 20 real estate houses a week and about 30 weddings a year, and never have i had a CARD problem.) I searched the web and obviously tried recovery software, which only works if your pc can read the card. I then spoke with a data recovery specialist in Melbourne who said they would have a good chance of recovering the data from the card as it was not physically damaged. So i proceeded to mail the card to them and 3 weeks later have them tell me the cards controller was damaged and they cannot by pass the encryption to access the memory module on the card (i actually had researched this prior as well). Finally i decided to send the card to Germany to a company there called Recoverfab (and this i can tell you is the only one in the world that i could find) who had stated that they demount the memory modules in a safe environment and bypass the cards controller and can then access the data. Once the data is recovered you can then download via FTP all the recovered data. Well a week after i sent the card i received a confirmation email that they had received the media, then not even 2 days later i received a log on link to their website with the photos that were on the card, that No one could recover for me. Not even a Specialists company based in Melbourne.... I must say im more than impressed, the client (who i must admit was very understanding) is over the moon. And i can tell you now (even though i have recently purchased a 5Dmk111 which i use for wedding shoots and it has a dual card slot (which i use the 2nd as a backup) i would highly recommend this service as missing photos on damaged cards are Priceless, be them your own or a client..
So I get back from my Alaska trip only to find that the first 2 of my picture cards were corrupted and I couldn't get the photos off them. After a little searching on the old internet I discovered that this is not exactly an uncommon issue with Olympus xD cards and that my options were limited. The cards were brand new before the trip and never used before, I figured they'd still be under warranty. The tricky part about the deal is that according to Olympus if you have ever put your xD cards into a card reader the warranty is void, you must use the camera as the go-between with the computer. Since I'd never done anything with these cards and have always used the camera as I don't have a card reader for xD cards I was in the clear. I called Olympus customer service and explained my problem, the computer would not recognize the card when I hooked up the camera, and they said they could fix it and told me to send them the cards. A week after I sent the cards in I got a package back from Olympus and was excited while I opened it up, only to find my picture cards along with a couple of new ones which were Olympus' way of saying my pictures were unrecoverable but the warranty was in effect so they sent me replacement cards. I appreciate the 2 new cards but really wanted my pictures. I brought my cards to work and gave them to our IT guy. He brought them back the next day telling me how out of luck I was and he couldn't help me. This brings me to how I actually managed to get my pictures back. I've heard of RecoverFab and seen the company mentioned on a few different websites and had been told that this was my last chance at getting my photos back. I'm not going to go into how they do things as you can go to the website and check it out but I have to say that their service works. I had estimated around 400 photos were on each card. RecoverFab recovered 528 pictures on the first card and 504 on the second. Yes it was quite expensive but I'm getting old and these images are already fading from my brain. I have to give them a big thumbs up on service and actually doing what they say. You wouldn't want to send them your cards for pictures you lost of your trip down to Dunkin Donuts but if you have something epic that you want to have documented and have memory cards that crapped out these are the guys who can help you.
On a recent vacation to Singapore, I made a costly mistake… I bought a new, yet cheap 4gb SD Card for the trip. After approximately 900 pics, while in Sentosa, there was a thunderstorm and after the weather cleared, I took some pics and suddenly my DSLR wont shoot and request for the memory card to be formatted. I was totally in panic and disbelief. I removed the card, locked and kept it. I may have also omitted a must-do on using the SD card for the first time since I did not format the card in my camera. I was asking myself if the thunderstorm could have caused the malfunction? Arriving back from our trip, the first thing I did was to look for a digital processing and printing shop that can recover my pics from the SD Card. Their common reply was they found no trace of any data left on the SD card. I tried computer shops with software specialists and recommended to reformat it, and later recover the data… but to no avail. They tried applications like Zero Assumption Recovery and Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery but the mere objective to reformat the SD Card was unsuccessful. My last efforts to save my pictures were to get professional services that repair SD cards. I came across several sites but mostly they offer software recovery. I came across Recoverfab and it offers a good idea and explanation on how they can recover precious data from the memory card. The only problem… it is based in Germany which is halfway around the globe from where I live. I asked myself… will it be worth it? I sent a message to Recoverfab and I got an immediate answer sending me instructions and data on how I can send the card to Germany. When they received my SD Card, they immediately sent a message informing me of its arrival. The recovery process is 1 week and on the date specified, I received a notice that there was successfully recovery of 966 photos. Amazing… and it was all worth it. Thanks to Recoverfab and Mr. Leopold Hiersche, we got our precious memories back. I hope my experience can someday help others in the same desperate situation. There is truly an answer when all else fails.
One day, my SD memory card was no longer being detected in my camera or SD card reader on my computer. After numerous attempts at trying to recover my photos with different SD card data recovery software programs, to even bringing the SD memory card to local camera shops that had their own recovery software, all were unsuccessful. I came across Recoverfab in my Google search and I decided to give them a shot. My experience with them was excellent! They were able to recover all of my photos and videos without a problem. The service was fast, and they always kept me up-to-date with the recovery progress of my SD memory card. Like me, if you have a lot of memorable photos that you’re trying to hold on to and have been unsuccessful in your attempts, I really believe Recoverfab is worth it!
I recently had my data recovered from a specialist agency in Germany. After failed attempts with local "data recovery" centres in Brisbane I sent my mini SD card to Recoverfab, they notified me as soon as they received the envelope and they had it fixed the next day!!! I am so pleased they saved my data! I would strongly suggest anyone to use their services for recovery. I thought that my saltwater damaged card would no longer be accessible but I was wrong!
I feel compelled to let other members know about my experience with a SD card failure which contained photos from our family 4 week European vacation. The message I was getting was "memory card error". Tried everything - downloading onto computer where I could see thumbnails for some of the photos but not all. Took SD card to camera repair shop, they could not recover any. Sent Card to Olympus and their response was that the card was corrupt and only able to salvage 25 photos which I could salvage myself. I was devastated and put the card in a drawer luckily and not the bin. From time to time I googled SD card failure to see if I was missing anything. Stumbled across the following website and decided I had nothing to lose except postage costs from Australia to Germany. I received an email 2 weeks after posting to advise they had received SD card and would advise outcome within 2 weeks. My response came 1 day after they'd received the card to advise they had recovered 467 photos on the card. I just sat here and cried. Don't give up - sure it's not cheap but my photos are worth more than their cost. I just feel that I want everyone to have the same result as me or at least the opportunity. My memories are now intact. I have no personal connection with recoverfab.
I had a SD card with nearly 200 photos of my nieces wedding on it. Towards the end of the wedding day, my camera threw me a card error message. I think there was a problem with the little processor in the card. Usually its possible to recover photos on a card that is just corrupted with software. But this one was dead. It was completely deceased, I tried it in other cameras, and my pc and it wasn't recognised. I just got a message telling me to format it. I tried to but that gave me an error message too. After searching the net and finding various data recovery specialists I luckily came across the recoverfab service. Some of the other services wanted to charge me an astronomical amount of money and even a fee to inspect the card. I emailed Recoverfab which is based in Germany and asked the owner if he would be able to help. He told me that it wouldn't be a problem to get the photos for me. I just had to send off the card and he would get back to me with a preview of what he had recovered. It took 5 days via Royal Mail to get to Germany fro UK. Within 24 hrs I was sent a preview page of the recovered images. The best part was that if I didn't need or want the files I didn't need to pay. The fees are reasonable and there are discounts available. The full size photos can be delivered via ftp or CD. It is definitely worth looking at if your photos are important to you. Good luck
Hello all! I recently experienced a problem with a SD memory card, and wanted to share the experience since the solution was hard to come by and may be very helpful to other folks. Long story short, I have a fairly new 16GB SanDisk Extreme SDHC card that failed, rendered unaccessible by my camera. I tried using another camera and a card reader, but the card could not be detected by any of the devices I tried. Cleaning the contacts did nothing to help, so a software recovery attempt was not even an option and I figured I was out of luck with all my pictures lost. But, out of luck and browsing around, I heard of this outfit called Recoverfab out of Germany, which their website claimed was capable of recovering data in memory cards. Not having anything to lose, I sent them mine for analysis. Shortly a few days after receiving it, I received a report from them listing the number of files they were able to recover, and a sample batch of the recovered photos. Sure enough, they were able to extract all the lost data that would otherwise have been lost forever! The essence of their service is that they can extract the memory chips themselves and read the data, in the event the controller is the part of the hardware that was damaged. It's also important to note that there is no payment obligation at this point; so you can make the decision on whether the data they were able to recover is what you needed and worth it. I have no affiliation with Recoverfab, other than being a satisfied customer. If you have a failed memory with priceless pictures/data that you absolutely need to have, definitely give these guys a try! The other moral of the story: download your pictures to another medium frequently! And thanks to Tech Support guys for all the useful information and advice provided in these forums!
Hello, I'm glad I stumbled on this thread, after my 16GB SDHC card physically buckled when I was putting it into a reader. (!) Looking inside, some of the pins on the memory chip had come adrift from the circuit board where it had bent, meaning my photos and videos from my 600d weren't readable. This was bad news, but these were photos and videos from my wedding day, and this kinda made it a bigger deal. (For info: I had used this card a few times in the past to check it was OK, so the frustration with myself (and the card) was quite high at this point!). Anyway - to come to the point, the physical chips weren't damaged, and I found this thread - followed LoppyLlama and JimC's comments below - checked out the recoverfab website, the testimonials and did the usual Google due-diligence. So, I sent off my broken card, and around a week later was staring at the photos I thought might be lost after the recoverfab guys did their thing. I can't explain the feelings of relief - these pictures are really precious - worth much more than the crummy card I had trusted them too. I hope this helps someone else who finds themselves in the same terrifying position that I found myself in a week or so ago. I thought they were gone for good. If you have a broken sdcard I hope you too can get your data back. Take care (and push your SD card gently into the reader), Cameron.
The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago when I put my SD card in a wal-mart reader. When I took it out the gold contacts were all scratched and I couldn't read my pictures in through my camera or computer. When they are scratched like that the only choice is to have to Sd card manually taken apart. There is a great German website that can take it apart for you. They can restore all your pics and even videos, I found their service was really fast too, only 1 weeks sending it from northern Canada to Germany.
A new 16GB Silicon Power CF card installed in a D700 camera developed problems shortly after start using it. The "this memory card cannot be used.. " and CHA errors were displayed in the monitor and control panel. After trying pretty much all the recovery software packages available with no success, I concluded that the data could only be retrieved using dedicated data recovery software, so I decided to sent the card to Recoverfab, a professional recovery service company in Dresden Germany. Recoverfab website is easy to use and the service is excellent. So in the sad event that a memory card full of precious memories become corrupted, Recoverfab can definitely help.
I have a Nikon D3000 camera and went to the US for a family visit. There i had taken a lot of pictures when all of a sudden I got the message that the SD card was broken. I tried and tried but nothing was working. Plugged it in on the computer, nothing... on card reader.... nothing. I went looking in forums but got some reply's with possible sollutions... Nothing of these was working. I found on the internet a website of RECOVERFAB... they were going to solve the problem. I just sent my SD card there and already the next day I received a message that my card arrived. The very next a new email saying they could retrieve 1.104 pictures that were on my card !!!! Amazing !!!
We recently took a trip to Australia, and after taking about 500+ pictures I had the exact same problem, same message on the camera and everything. The only difference is that I was using a Nikon D3200. After countless attempts at downloading recovery programs I had no luck at even getting the computer to recognize that there was even a card inserted into the drive. So, I did more research online and found out about this website called After reading a bunch of reviews of people that had used this company and been successful I decided to take a chance and send my card to him, I didn't have to much to lose since I had tried pretty much everything else to get my photos back. The cool thing about this company is that they don't make you pay anything except postage to get the package there until they have retrieved your photos. So after about a week and a half I received a message that the memory card had made it, and two days later another message that they had retrieved my photos!!! Amazing!! I was so excited to get my photos back. So I would highly recommend recoverfab to get your photos back. They have pricing on how much it is depending on the size of your card, but if your like me it didn't matter how much it cost if I could get those once in a lifetime photos back.
I love filming, so a friend of mine was getting married and he asked me if I could make a video for them. I decided to go ahead and make this their wedding gift. Unfortunately one of the memories disks got damaged somehow and I lost a big part of the video memory. I desperately began looking for help. Many of the sites I visited were unsuccessful, until I came across At first I was skeptical, since I had searched so many places and I was not successful. I didn’t not have a complete video to give to my friend as their wedding gift. But I still decided to give them a try. And I am extremely excited for the results. I had to spend more than 300 dls to recover. They were so professional. They answered my email instantly. I shipped them the disk overseas and before you know it, I got a response from them, and to my luck, it was great news. I couldn’t believe it! They were able to do what no one else could do. I am so happy with their services. I will recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in a similar unfortunate situation as mine. can recover your lost memory. Should I find myself in another situation like this. I am definitely contacting them again.
I've been handed a few corrupted SD cards (and hard-drives for that matter) in my time and have always managed to recover the majority of files using standard recovery tools (Zero Assumption Recovery being one of my favourites). Normally the files are intact on the storage but the directory information is lost or damaged. This is similar to recovering "deleted" files which remain on the storage medium until they are subsequently written over, either in whole or part. Anyway, recently I got this SD card (taken from a camera) which appeared fully functional but the required files were zeroed out, i.e. all the files contained zeroes. This is a very curious failure mode and it could really only be explained if the card controller itself had mapped out the underlying storage and mapped in a new area populated by zeros. An SD card, like many storage devices, has an internal storage capacity greater than it claims to allow for bad blocks which may occur at manufacturing time or during its life. It would appear that this card's controller had swapped out the area containing the wanted files and replaced it with a new area. The question is - were the files still stored in the flash memory and could they be extracted? A little googling around revealed the existence of RecoverFab in Dresden, Germany. They by-pass the SD card's internal controller and instead read-out the flash memory directly. Anyone technically competent could set this up themselves but it would take time and equipment to do so and become good at it. So I took a punt on them with this faulty card. Anyway, I can report success - they have indeed recovered the missing files! You'll need to evaluate the cost of recovery which is based on the size of the device, versus the value of the files/images of course. If you've been out photographing distant relatives, archive documents or headstones only to return home to find the SD card corrupted in this manner, there is hope.
If free software isn't working for you, you can try a data recovery service. I used a company called Recoverfab to recover the data from my damaged card, and I am extremely glad that I did. My 16 GB SanDisk Ultra SDHC I memory card with over 600 irreplaceable photos fell into seawater while I was on vacation. When I tried putting the card in a card reader, the computer would not recognize it. I tried washing it off with freshwater, and even tried to clean the salt off the contacts with rubbing alcohol, but to no avail. I called some data recovery firms in the US and they gave me ridiculous quotes, some in excess of $2000! I ended up sending my card to Recoverfab in Germany (cost ~$3 to mail it with USPS) and they recovered my photos within days of receiving the card. Their pricing is very competitive as well and their website states up front exactly what it will cost you (unlike most other companies I contacted). I would definitely recommend this service for anyone who has run into a wall with the free, do-it-yourself methods.
We have the Nikon D3200 camera, with a 16 Gb SD card and all of a sudden the camera gave us the dreaded "card is damaged" error message.This with approx 1500 photos that we had not back up (-I know, I know..). The card could not be read or recognized in the computer either. Tried several computers. Then I went online and searched for information and possible solutions. Tried various softwares with noo result (as they could not find the card), called Nikon that advised us to some other softwares, but they came up short like the others. the I saw some post about recoverfab in Germany (, and decided to give it a try. contacted them, sent the card as per their instructions and just within 24 hours we were informed that the photos and videos had been recovered. They are being put onto an FTP site now (we could preview them first). You do not pay unless they can recover the memory card and the photos, which is good. We are very happy with the excelent and speedy service. If the card cannot be recognized in a computer I think Recoverfab is THE option - all the softwares out there will not work, so save your time.
Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place for this thread but thought I would post it and see if its of interest? Couple weekends ago I helped out as a photographer at a friends wedding. I mainly shoot Motorsport so this was something a little different for a change. After a long day I had 600 or so photos using two cameras in the bag so left the wedding early for a well earned rest, and to have a quick look at the photos before I called it a day. Uploaded one compact flash card without any problems but the second one, with over 400 photos on started ok then completely failed. Windows wouldn't read it, recognise it or do anything with it. Tried everything I could think of to get Windows to read the card and recover the files but absolutely nothing. Panic set in at this stage as I thought I had lost all my hard work, not to mention having to face telling the bride and groom I messed up, even if it was a technical fault on the card. Anyway, I searched around the internet for answers and drew a blank, loads of recovery software but nothing that helps you restart a failed disc. In the end I looked for companies that could do it for me. There were a few but settled on one called based in Germany (I'm in the UK). Sent the disc off and prayed they could help. A few days later I had an email from Leopold Hiersche to confirm the card had arrived and would be looked at in the next few days. 24 hours later another email to confirm the photos had been recovered and I could view 100 thumbnails on the site. Checked them and amazingly all the wedding photos are there! So, a big thank you to Leopold. I guess the moral of this story is to format your cards in camera before you start and change them frequently if your shooting at weddings. If things go wrong contact Recoverfab as I'm sure they will help.
Hi there, I hope this helps. I was in a somewhat similar predicament, I recently traveled to Europe and had an amazing trip. I took hundreds of pictures on my Nikon camera with an SD card I excitedly uploaded them to my computer but was confused when a chunk of my pictures came up 'unreadable' on my mac book. Thinking it was a mac related issue I took to a PC with again no luck for the pictures. Then I panicked. I took the SD card to best buy thinking they could tell me it was a quick fix but they informed me that the sd card was likely corrupt, which can happen when a device is not properly ejected or the device is turned off before it is finished writing onto the card. Not being exactly tech savy I asked what services they offer to fix this problem, only to find out that a corrupt SD card can not be restored. I needed this SD card though. scoured internet forums similar to this one looking for a possible service or program that specializes in fixing this problem. After many positive reviews I looked into recoverfab. Every reviewer said that after sending their SD cards to recoverfab they managed to restore all pictures they thought were lost. I sent it out less than a week ago and was nervous to see the estimate, knowing how many places with take advantage and charge you an arm and a leg. I'm happy to report that I just received an email from with [url=]all of my lost photos were restored and the price is a fraction of what I was expecting. Cannot say enough good things about this service. You will not be disappointed with the results, price, and customer service that recoverfab offers. Good luck!
Sorry to hear about your card issues. Have to warn you that baking cards is risky and I would leave data recovery to professionals. My wife and I have had a very positive experience with RecoverFab. Ironically on the last day of our 2 week trip to Europe our Nikon DSLR informed us that the card that we've been using is no longer recognized. Having no computers with us, I had to wait to get home to try and see what's wrong. Being a Linux admin, I tried to fix the problem myself. Unfortunately I could not even begin to use any of the recovery tools for either Linux or Windows platforms. Computers refused to acknowledge the presence of the disk, it was not detectable at all. After hours of research and attempts with no progress, my wife found a data recovery service called RecoverFab, which was reasonably priced for the size of our media card and had good terms for customers (pay only if the recovery is successful). Our interaction with Leopold and RecoverFab has been very prompt and professional. The website contains most information we needed and describes the process well. Leopold was quick to respond to something we wanted clarified. Shortly after mailing the card we were informed that the card has been received. A separate message followed, informing us that recovery was successful and letting us review a sample of the pictures. After having mentally prepared ourselves for the loss, we were elated to get these news. In my view the costs associated with the recovery service (which are openly listed on the website) are justified and reasonable given the level of specialized knowledge required to to perform this task. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to friends and strangers alike.
If your SD card is damaged in such a way that image recovery software doesn't work for you, I highly recommend sending your memory card to Recoverfab. They recovered my images when I (and others) really thought it might be impossible. Here's what happened: a few months ago, the SD memory card in my digital camera suddenly stopped working, and neither my camera nor my computer would even recognize the card. It had hundreds of photos on it. I searched and searched the Internet for ways to access the images, but soon realized that in my situation, image recovery software wouldn't work, because no computer would even recognize the existence of the SD card. A friend of mine who knows much more about these sorts of things than I do basically told me to give up and make peace with the loss of my photos, but then I stumbled upon several comments in forums like this from people who said they had gotten their images back by sending their damaged memory cards to a German company called Recoverfab. I was tentatively hopeful. I checked out Recoverfab's website and decided to send the card to Germany; they don't require payment until they've confirmed with you that the images have actually been recovered, which means I had nothing to lose beyond a few dollars in postage. Within a few weeks, I received an e-mail saying my memory card had arrived, and then another one with a link to several of the recovered photos—Recoverfab recovered the images off the damaged card! The website explains in more detail how they do what they do; I'm just glad they do what they do, and I feel lucky that I found them, as otherwise I probably would have given up and thrown out the memory card, or spent far too much money trying different kinds of recovery software.
Yes sounds like the card is corrupted. There are several software packages that will recover these files for you but most don't work. I had exactly the same problem with my micro sd card. I thought my photos from my holiday in Thailand were lost forever. I tried using almost every software solution out there but none of them could work because the card itself was not recognized. I even took the card to my local computer repair shop but they couldn't do anything. Then I found from reading internet forums from other people who faced similar problems. Recoverfab use a hardware technique to fix the problem. Due to the difficulty in doing this particularly with Micro SD cards Recoverfab is the only business I've found that does this. More importantly, once you've sent the card to Recoverfab the service is excellent. If photos can be recovered, samples are posted on line for you to see and then you can download the photos after you've paid. If you're suffering a similar problem, which i think you are, I'd highly recommend you give recoverfab a go!
I had a similar issue with a CompactFlash card. My card was not being recognized by my drive anymore. I got this error: "e: is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error". I tried to resolve this issue via the use of software but was unsuccessful because the card was unreadable to begin with; once the devise cannot be read, software alone will not fix the issue. I ended up sending my card to a German company called RecoverFab which was able "to read the data with the help of a special NAND flash reader" and "recovered the raw data and compiled it into readable data". Using this process, it was able to recover the bulk of my pictures.
I agree with drtweak. I had the same problem with my camera SD card in November. I ended up sending it out to a couple different data recovery places but their quotes were just too expensive for me to afford (500-700). I had the card sitting on my desk and I had just about given up on the pictures but I found Recoverfab online and their rates seemed reasonable and it was risk-free (no money unless recovered). I bit the bullet and shipped my card off to Germany. Once they received it they told me they'd be done in about 3 days. The next day I got an e-mail with previews to all the images they recovered for me. I'm thrilled that I got the pictures back. These guys were fast and able to do the job for a reasonable price. I will definitely recommend them to anyone else I run across with the same problem and they will be my first stop should I run into the same problem again. Good luck!
I went snorkelling last year and my camera failed. Saltwater got in and fried the sd card. I cleaned it with fresh water as soon as I could but no card reader would recognise (lots of research later I'm told the salt crystals short the card not the water). I used a photo company on the high street and they couldn't recover any photos. I found an online company called Recoverfab who don't just use software recovery so I thought it's really my last chance. I've just had confirmation all of photos and videos have been recovered and I've viewed 100 samples images. I'm really pleased and it only took 3 days from sending. if you get to the point I did, I highly recommend them. You have to send to Germany so they really must be specialist I found no one else offering the same. Hope you fix your sd issues good luck.
I had a similar problem where my SD card would not be read by my camera(s), SD card reader or computer(s). I tried unsuccessfully to 'unlock' the card with all of the tips found online. I downloaded different software to attempt to recover my photos, but since the card would not be recognized, the software could not solve my problem. It wasn't until I found a post recommending sending the damaged card away to recover the photos, that the problem was solved. I sent my SD card away (which I had by this time, taken apart) to Leopold at Amazingly, within less than 2 weeks, he received the card and recovered the photos (over 1000 of them) and a couple videos. As far as I could determine, no one else was able to provide such a service.
Well, after being the recipient of so much useful information on POTN, I'd like to share a recent experience with RECOVERFAB that may be of use to some of you. Let me preface by stating that this is not a paid endorsement nor am I associated with them in any way. I recently took a trip to India and Nepal this past January 2014. I burned through two (2) 16GB cards while in India and had starting using my 32GB card once arriving in Nepal. After visiting many beautiful places in Kathmandu and surrounding area and taking approx 500 pics over the course of 2 days, imagine my horror when I received a an error message indicating that my card had failed and was asking me to format! Ugghh...goodbye pics I thought. My heart sank. My partner, Liz, encouraged me that I would find a way to recover the shots and, after returning home, I tried many different types of programs to retrieve the files. Much to my disappointment, none of them worked. I continued to do searches on data recovery and after contacting several, I felt that RECOVERFAB offered me the best chance to save them. My belief was confirmed earlier today when I received an email from them stating that they recovered the 509 shots taken in Nepal! I can't tell you how happy I am! Pricing is competitive, if not less expensive, than other quotes I received for this type of service. Let's just say it would have cost a whole hell of a lot more to take the trip again and take more pics of Kathmandu and the Himalayas! These pictures are priceless to me and the ability to recover shots from a once in a lifetime trip is hard to put into words...hope some of you can benefit if you have same trouble!
Try sending it to RecoverFab. It is run by Leopold Hiersche, who is an engineer based in Germany and repairs SD cards as a hobby (from what I can tell!). You will have to trust shipping your card to Germany, but there is no charge if he cannot get the data off. I had a physically damaged card with lots of very important information I needed to get back.. after paying for expensive programs that didn't find anything, I sent it to him, and he recovered almost all of my data within a handful of days!

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